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June 3, 2019

SFR Home Staging FAQs

Got questions regarding our Home Staging service? Read below to find the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

#1: If I already have interior design done, and I think my house already looks nice, do I still need Home Staging?

Our staging will transform your unit into a showroom. In some cases there are only fixtures in the unit, but no furniture. With furniture, it is easier for buyers to determine how they can live in the unit. When your buyers come for viewings, they will be able to picture themselves living in the unit.

#2: Is it possible to stage only 1 room instead of the whole house?

The purpose of Home Staging is to create a great first impression of the house, which is very important to home buyers. Staging just one room will not be as effective as compared to staging the entire house and make it stand out in the property market.

#3: What if I have a lot of belongings to store or throw away? Can I still do Home Staging?

Storage and disposal is one of our add-on services and a part of our Home Staging service. Things that needs to be stored can be stored at our warehouse. If you need carton boxes, our Home Staging team can deliver them to you to facilitate your storage process at additional charges.

SFR Home Staging has helped hundreds of agents and home owners to sell their property within weeks after staging. Some even manage to get their property sold at a higher asking price!

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