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101 Guide To Home Staging

What are some goals you have when selling your home? Fast sales, highest possible price? These are a few common goals that everyone dreams of. But how exactly do you achieve them?   In the old days, agents sold a unit solely based on its size and locations. However, in 1972 an agent realized that […]


Ikea is what comes to most mind when we speak of Queenstown. Queenstown has the reputation of being the “old people neighbourhood” in the late 80s to 90s. However, what is Queenstown like today? Let’s take a deep dive to find out the pros and cons of living within Queenstown. Pros: Some of the best […]


Located in the far North-East Region of Singapore lies Punggol, commonly known as the waterfront town, Singapore New-age town. However, is it the best area to live in? Here’s a list of the pros and cons;   Pros 1. Wide Range of Amenities Image by Fraser Property When developing Punggol, they are definitely not frugal with […]

Property Tips Feb 9, 2021

Chinese New Year Taboo 🙅🏻‍♂️ 

Happy Chinese New Year! Decorating the home in red, lighting candles and setting off firecrackers are a tradition for every Chinese New Year. However, there are things that you shouldn’t do as well. Some are only on the first day of Chinese New Year, and others are for the whole New Year Festival season. So […]

Office Staging 🏢

An office is no longer just a room with cubicles and rigidly-arranged rows of desks. Companies are looking for a workspace that is innovative and stylish, which encourage both open communication and creativity. So as a landlord or agent, how do you spruce up your office space to attract tenant? Well no worries, SFR now […]

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of a Year

It’s CHRISTMAS!!! The lights are up, Christmas tunes are playing on the radio, it is the time of the year again. Here are a few simple guides to add some festive look to your home. Scented Candles Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) from Pexels Cinnamon, pine and berries, these are a few scents that are commonly associated with […]


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