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How to Prep Your Property for a COVID-Safe Home Viewing

Lockdown restrictions are gradually easing in Singapore, and businesses are returning to normal. Property agents, on the other hand, are getting back into the game. They are more motivated than ever to continue doing what they do best: selling properties, staging homes, and scheduling home viewing appointments. To prevent the spread of the virus, the […]

Dealmakers: Property Lim Brothers

The best real estate agents are at the top for one simple reason: they’re able to close sales fast and easily! Much of this can be attributed to how they approach their marketing. The best of the best employ broad, well-thought-out strategies to market their properties. After all, it takes more than just a well-produced […]

Why Home Staging Your Property is Worth the Investment

Home staging your property means preparing the house for sale in order to show the best features of the property and attract a lot of potential buyers. A recent 2021 survey done by the National Association of Realtors, shows that 23% of home sellers’ property agents reported a 1 to 5% increase in dollar value […]

Property Tips Oct 11, 2021

How Much Should You Spend On Renovations?

Chances are, even the best property available for you on the market won’t be perfect. But that’s not a bad thing — the journey to one’s dream home rarely ends after making the purchase and moving in. With millennials becoming first-time homeowners much later in life than previous generations, much more thought is being put […]

How to Stage Your Property With Feng Shui Principles in Mind

Some of Singapore’s most popular attractions like the Marina Bay Sands and the Suntec City are designed with feng shui principles in mind. It is a significant element not just in homes but in planning cities as well. When selling a high-end house in a region with a strong Asian population, Feng Shui home staging […]

How Pro Real Estate Agents Market Your Property Online

The best real estate agents are at the top for one very simple reason: they make sales! Buyers and sellers entrusting their property to them will have little to fear. As we’ve found ourselves deep into the information age, the real estate industry has changed with the times. Gone are the days when hosting home […]


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