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Read on for an easy, quick guide on how you can start beautifying your property

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Ways To Stage An Owner-Occupied Unit

Selling your home and thinking of staging it? Home Staging helps create a showroom experience for home buyers so they are able to visualise themselves living in a property and are more likely to be drawn to staged houses as they exude a first good impression. Staging an owner-occupied home could be a little different […]

3 Ways To Turn Your Living Space Into A Home Office

Ever had to take your work home with you? How about needing a quiet and peaceful place where you can work on a project or read a book without any distractions? A home office could be useful in completing those tasks. However, it is important to know the right elements to include when creating a […]

How To Stage Like A Pro

Trying to sell a house faster or boost listing viewings and have no idea where to start?  Home Staging can definitely help with that. Home Staging helps potential buyers have a better mental image of moving into a house right away. It could also help to highlight some of the best features of a home. […]

Ways To Brighten Up a Dark Room

Units designated on the lower floor or being surrounded by other buildings, as a result, lead to a closed up and dark living space. It is important to allow some light and air into your home to ensure a fresh and conducive environment to work, play and live in. Here are some helpful ways to […]

Quick Guide to Choosing the Perfect Rental Home

Whether you are looking for a short-term rental home or renting for an extended period, read on below to get started on your rental house hunt! 1. Know your priorities Do you have children who will be schooling? Consider a unit that is nearer to schools or educational institutions. Or do you prefer somewhere quiet? You may […]

3 Ways to Make Your Property Move-In Ready

Today’s home buyers are often too busy to fully renovate their house before moving in. Therefore, most may look for move-in-ready properties to save time. By replacing some of these things in your house, you will make your property much more appealing and make it easier for your buyer to move in.   Repaint your […]