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Read on for an easy, quick guide on how you can start beautifying your property

Furniture Rental

Why You Should Furnish Your Property To Appeal To Expats

Despite the emergence of a new Covid-19 variant, Singapore’s officials are still hopeful that the country will be able to safely open its borders in the coming year. A lot of those people coming in aren’t just going to be flying in for a quick vacation, either. As a property owner, it’s in your best […]

How to Use Psychology to Attract Potential Tenants

There are a variety of factors that influence whether or not rental postings appeal to potential tenants. It’s more about knowing your target market and taking into account their needs and wants. Aside from recognizing market trends, being up to speed with subconscious psychological trends can also affect the status of your rental property. You […]

Thinking of Buying Used Furniture? Here are the Things You Should Know First

Many folks would rather acquire used furniture for a variety of reasons. Used furniture is much less expensive than new furniture. It’s a terrific alternative if you’re redecorating your home and want to add some distinctive furniture items to liven things up. Another reason is if you intend to furnish your rental while you await […]

5 Steps to Furnish Your Property to Attract Quality Tenants

The different HDB rental schemes accommodate roughly 52,000 Singaporean households. For a variety of reasons, millennials prefer to rent rather than buy. Perhaps this is their first time living independently in a new neighborhood, away from their parent’s home. It’s also possible that it’s due to new job opportunities. Young couples, on the other hand, […]

How Much Should You Spend on Furnishing Your Rental Unit?

Both the landlord and the renter benefit from a furnished rental unit. Moving furniture is inconvenient for tenants and may not be an option, particularly for students and expatriates. On the other hand, depending on the number of pieces of furniture and the length of the tenant’s stay, the landlord can charge a larger rental […]

Should You Furnish Your Rental Property?

When homeowners decide to rent out their unit, one of the first questions they ask is, “Should I furnish my rental property?” As a homeowner, you want to know how to get the most out of your rental property in order to enhance your monthly rental earnings.  Many landlords opt to leave their property vacant […]