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September 29, 2022

Taking Furniture Renting to a Whole New Level – In Partnership with Commune Lifestyle

Choosing the right furniture can go beyond more than just providing function and convenience to a space. The right furniture can transform interiors, evoke a sense of the ideal lifestyle, experience a meaningful ambiance, and above all, make one feel good about the space. We, at Singapore Furniture Rental, always put the interest of our clients first and strive to provide only the best when it comes to furniture renting. 

We value comfortability, design, and functionality to help clients experience the ideal lifestyle in their dream homes. In partnership with Commune lifestyle, a luxury furniture brand that aims to create a new lifestyle that brings people together in style and comfort, we now offer a variety of furniture pieces from Commune ranging from side tables, dining tables, TV stands, and many others. Experience luxury living by renting Commune furniture with us. 

Who is Commune Lifestyle?

Commune is a luxurious furniture brand that embodies passion in both design and service. Commune symbolizes peaceful modernity by merging seamless form with clever craftsmanship and function. Commune’s designs are centered on the needs of the modern individual and take both aesthetics and human needs into account throughout the conceptualization stage.

With its distinctive and form-fitting designs, Commune’s furniture offers practical solutions for apartment life. Every item has been meticulously designed to be accessible to a broad variety of clients and is scaled to fit comfortably in the compact living spaces typical of city life.

Commune values sustainability and good craftsmanship – hence all of their furniture items are created with the goal of minimizing waste. In addition to utilizing recycled materials, they also utilize lacquers and varnishes with reduced lead content and wood that is ethically obtained from sustainably managed forests.

What are the furniture pieces you can rent?

Whether you just moved into your new home or rented out a new apartment or condo unit, you can readily furnish your space with some of Commune’s best pieces from their modern furniture catalogue. 

The Volta Collection 

Volta Furniture Dining Set

Volta is all about the harmony of strong opposites, showing bold inventiveness from opposing spectrums and exuding supreme confidence. The design encapsulates Commune’s maturity as an inventiveness as a design brand. This piece suits the unconventional aesthetic of modern homes and makes a great focal piece for industrial-styled interior spaces. Volta Dining Table

Dining Table

Volta Dining Chair

Dining Chair

Volta TV Sideboard

The volta sideboard is the perfect complement to your volta furniture dining set. With its sleek and streamlined features, it evokes a very subtle yet significant presence in one’s living room embodying elegance, modernity, and functionality all in one piece. 

Volta Sideboard

Volta Sideboard

The Rover Collection

The Rover line is meant to serve as a glitzy remembrance of the world of the leisure class, which is known for its long-standing traditions of hunting, horse racing, country club visits, and exotic travel. The rustic-modern line does this by incorporating tones of dark tropical wood, European beech, leather with a vintage feel, traditional British tweed, wire grills, and brass caps.

Rover Coffee Table


Rover Coffee Table

Rover Sideboard

Rover Sideboard

Rover 3 seater sofa

Rover 3-Seater 

Why Choose Commune Lifestyle?

With sophistication, functionality, and quality-craftsmanship, Commune is the ideal furniture brand for individuals who are looking for a unique furniture piece to complement their space. Commune’s furniture is more than just pieces of materials molded and crafted together to form an object. From conceptualization to building and finishing, Commune encapsulates spatial poetry, ergonomics, and  lifestyle to serve only the best and the finest experience to its users. 

Why Rent Commune with SFR?

Singapore Furniture Rental has a wide range of furniture ranging from sofas, beds, side tables, coffee tables, to appliances such as TV, refrigerator, and dryers. You can have the furniture of your choice delivered safely to your place. Moreover, you can guarantee that our items are high quality and well-designed to fit contemporary spaces. To serve a variety of clients looking for high-end furniture pieces, we’re partnering with Commune Lifestyle where you can rent several of their high-end furniture collections with us. Ready to furnish your unit? Rent Commune furniture with us.