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Property Tips

5 Home Staging Myths Debunked

There are several home staging myths that many people assume to be true yet are not. You’ve most likely heard some of them and wondered if they were real. Perhaps you’ve been considering staging for some time but are still hesitant due to the falsehoods you’ve heard. So, settle down and read the rest of […]

Why Home Staging Works

Despite the fact that many top-performing property agents are doing home staging and are recommending it to home sellers, there are still sellers and agents who are quite skeptical about doing it. One of the reasons why they are unconvinced that home staging works is because they haven’t tried it yet and they haven’t experienced […]

The 5 Most Important Rooms To Stage

Staging is important when selling properties. It offers many benefits for both parties – the home seller, real estate agent, and the home buyer. But home staging also comes with a cost. And for real estate agents who are just planning to stage for the very first time and are a little bit skeptical, we […]

7 Effective Ways to Convince Property Sellers to Stage

Many real estate agents do home staging because of one main reason: Home staging works.  However, some individuals may be skeptical of its results because of the expense. Some folks wonder if it’s even worth it. Real estate agents frequently encounter consumers who dismiss home staging as an unnecessary expense.  But it has been demonstrated […]

How to Make a Small Condo Look Bigger Through Home Staging

Space is one major factor that homebuyers would look for when viewing properties to buy. There are sellers who want to see houses that they think will be able to accommodate them and their growing family in the future. Given the difficult square footage of Singapore’s condo units and the tough competition in the condo […]

YouTube for Real Estate Agents: Use It to Grow Your Business

YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the internet, providing businesses with a massive platform to reach a wider audience. We know that online video marketing offers a unique possibility for businesses and YouTube has become an essential marketing tool for almost every business in any industry in the past years. The platform […]