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December 15, 2015

Home Staging Helped Him Sell His Unit in 5 Days (and Close Deal at First Viewing)

Let me guess, you are trying to sell your property, but the market is slow?
As the old saying goes, “people buy on emotion”. However, when your property is unfurnished, it is really hard to evoke any emotion from the potential buyer at viewing.
That makes the selling even slower.
One of our customers, Jeremiah Lim, had the same challenge when he was trying to sell his unfurnished new property at REZI26.
Jeremiah came to us to home stage his newly completed property at REZI26 and the result is a record-breaking sell of this property after 5 days of staging at market valuation. And he closed the deal in one viewing only. That’s how much the buyer loved the house!

The video interview with Jeremiah below is about his home staging experience with SFR. 

Alternatively, if you can’t play video, you can refer to the transcript below.


How do you get to know Singapore Furniture Rental?

I get to know Singapore Furniture Rental through the Mencius Property Investment program.

And I feel this is a very good way of enhancing a property, especially if you want to sell or rent out your property.

After going through the (proposed) packages, I realised that this home staging not only greatly enhance the value, and I think it would be easier for me to sell with all the furniture, because the way the home staging is setup is to capture the heart of the potential buyer.

That’s why I made a decision to engage Singapore Furniture Rental for this deal.


How was your overall experience with the home staging service?

My experience has been very happy.

Because the whole staging process has been smooth sailing. And I feel that the whole staging process has greatly enhanced the value of my property.

This is given the fact that I managed to sell the place within one week of the completion of the staging process.

And I closed this sale in the month of Oct 2015, whereby it has been the buyer market for the past few years.

So I am very happy that I managed to engage Singapore Furniture Rental to stage my place and eventually selling it for profit.


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