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March 12, 2018

3 Tips to the Perfect Curtains For Your Home

You can choose to do without it but it can also add a nice, soft touch to the interior of your home.

Find out how to pick out the perfect curtain for your home!


1. Length and Lining

Home Staging Project by Singapore Furniture Rental
Credit: SFR Home Staging

Before even going down to the store, it is definitely a must that you measure how long your windows will be covered by the curtains. A quick tip would be to fix your curtains a couple of inches above your window. This way, you will not only increase the perceived height of the room but also prevent any creeping sunlight from escaping from the window edges.

2. Colour

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Credit: SFR Home Staging

Curtains provide a filter of light for your windows. As such, they are constantly in contact with sunlight. When choosing the colour for your curtains, it is important to take into consideration that sunlight can wear down the lively tone of bright colours faster as compared to a dark colour. Getting more confused as to what kind of colours you should be choosing? Or simply worried that the curtain may not fit in with your furniture or property? Stick to neutral colours and spare yourself the disaster of mismatching elements in your property.

3. Fabric

Credit: SFR Home Staging
Credit: SFR Home Staging

Another important aspect to consider would be the fabric material.

Linen, silk, faux silk are probably your best choices when picking out the ideal curtains for your home. Providing not only a light feel to the touch, it can also add that subtle tint of class to your room.

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