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Questions home buyers should ask when viewing a house
September 24, 2021

Questions Home Buyers Should Ask When Viewing a House

Let’s talk about questions home buyers should ask during a property viewing. So, you have a house viewing appointment coming up soon, and you’re really looking forward to it. Seeing a property is, without a doubt, the most exciting phase of the home-buying process.

But did you know that the average time spent on first-time house viewings is only 20-30 minutes?

Yes! It’s that quick, and this is the only chance you’ll get to see the property and ask questions before it’s shortlisted!

Since you only have so much time, you must figure out how to ask as many questions as possible in order to obtain enough information on the residence. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you prepare a list of questions to ask both prior to the viewing and on the day of the viewing.

Inquire about the property’s current market position by asking the following questions:  

home buyers should ask about the property's current market position

  1. How long has the property been on the market?

  2. When was the property last listed?

  3. Why are they selling the property?

  4. Had there been any previous offers?

Asking questions like these will help you learn more about the property’s market history. Properties that haven’t had any offers in a long time are likely to have serious issues.

Questions home buyers should ask to know more about the local surroundings:

Questions home buyers should ask to know more about the local surroundings

The property’s immediate surroundings are, of course, a crucial consideration. More than just walking around the neighborhood, inquire further by speaking with locals or, preferably ask your real estate agent about it.

  1. What’s the neighborhood like?

  2. Are there any convenient transport links in the area?

  3. How’s the traffic condition during rush hour in the area?

  4. How far is the property from shopping malls and other amenities?

  5. How much will your bills be? (more relevant for private properties – maintenance fees)

Questions home buyers should ask about the condition of the property:

Questions home buyers should ask about the condition of the property

Once inside the property, don’t forget to ask these questions to learn more about the house’s condition.

  1. How old is the building? Is the current owner the first owner? how long did the previous owner stay here?

  2. Did the property undergo any major renovations?

  3. Are there any issues with the building? 

  4. How big are the rooms?

  5. What type of flooring does the property have? Are there any damages?

  6. What sort of reconfiguration can be done to the property

  7. Where are the electricity outlets located? 

  8. Is the property facing north or south? (North and south-facing houses are the ideal house orientation in a hot and humid country like Singapore.)

  9. Are there any drainage issues?

  10. Where is the service area/laundry area located? How big is it?

That’s it? Hmm maybe.

You see, once you’re on the property, these aren’t usually the only questions you’ll have. However, these are the most important questions you should never forget to ask. Make the most of your 20 minutes on a house tour by asking the most critical questions.

Make a note of the list we’ve compiled, or better yet, bookmark this page so you can refer back to it when you go to see the property. To get the most of your property viewing experience, read the 10 Things To Take Note of When Going For a Property Viewing here. 

Best of luck!