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June 4, 2019

How To Stage Like A Pro

Trying to sell a house faster or boost listing viewings and have no idea where to start?  Home Staging can definitely help with that. Home Staging helps potential buyers have a better mental image of moving into a house right away. It could also help to highlight some of the best features of a home. As a result, listings look more attractive to buyers and are taken off the market quicker. Read on to find out how to home stage like a pro.

Depersonalise and Declutter

Clearing and storing away mismatched furniture, accessories such as family photo frames and even toys is an essential step to start properly staging. The idea is to create a neutral ground for clients so that they would not be distracted by who lived in the house previously. Instead, they could focus on how they would inhabit the space to their own liking.


Place Furniture Strategically

Furniture can help to highlight and emphasise the spaciousness of a room. Try using minimal furniture to showcase the large space to potential buyers. In addition, furniture arrangement could be used as a focal point to give the eye a place to rest and establish visual interest in the space.


Decorate With Plants

Placing pots of plants and flowers around the house adds an element of beauty and life. Greens in the living space also help to create a warm, welcoming feeling amongst potential buyers as they step into the house.


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