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February 7, 2020

Where In Singapore? Tampines: Best Food, Schools & Amenities in the Area

Want to know what Tampines might have in store for you as a home buyer? Carrying on reading below to find out more!

Amongst the hustle and bustle of Tampines town, this place has a lot to offer. From the lifestyle to entertainment to food, have it your way with the unlimited amenities planted all over Tampines.


Tampines Mall, Tampines 1 and Century Square are the big three malls that are located nearby Tampines MRT station. East Point mall located in Simei is only a 2 minutes train ride away, and just opposite the MRT station.

Apart from that, Tampines Hub features many attractions so the residents can never run out of things to do. Some of them are, Clip n’ climb, laser quest, six community swimming pools, the largest rooftop pool in Singapore, and Town Square which is a 5,000 seater stadium with a FIFA-endorsed “2 Star Quality Pro football pitch”.

Tampines North on the other hand, is the holding place for the IKEA, COURTS and GIANT megastores. The area around them is expected to expand in the near future to feature many new things that residents of Tampines can look out for namely new public housing and a community boulevard park for all.

[Did you know?]

There were actually 3 iconic fruit playgrounds in Tampines. The architect wanted to reflect the fruit farms of rural Tampines and she even tried to experiment with a durian playground.


Located in Tampines Street 81, Shun Shun Prawn Noodles gets all the attention. What’s so special about this prawn noodles? The prawn broth which is rich and fragrant stands out from the usual prawn mee. 

The Ri Ri Sheng Mala made known by Temasek Polytechnic students who often patronise the area is another amazing dish to look out for when you’re out and about in Tampines.


Poi Ching School located in the heart of the town is one of the top schools in Tampines. Temasek Polytechnic is also the only poly located in the east.

[Future Development]

Some exciting upcoming developments are definitely in store for Tampines North.

It will feature two new parks: Tampines North’s Boulevard Park & Quarry Park which will be the larger of the two will feature a sandy beach and the Tampines cycling network will be tripled to 21km by 2022 so get ready to plan that cycling route to cover more grounds.