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How to Prep Your Property for a Covid Safe Home Viewing
October 21, 2021

How to Prep Your Property for a COVID-Safe Home Viewing

Lockdown restrictions are gradually easing in Singapore, and businesses are returning to normal. Property agents, on the other hand, are getting back into the game. They are more motivated than ever to continue doing what they do best: selling properties, staging homes, and scheduling home viewing appointments.

To prevent the spread of the virus, the government will undoubtedly impose unprecedented measures, and numerous businesses are required to conform to new rules. This, of course, includes the real estate sector. Property agents are devising new and alternative ways to make buyers and sellers feel comfortable and safe. The CEA (Council for Estate Agencies) strongly urged property agents to guarantee that house viewings for inhabited residences do not exceed two distinct visits per day as of October 15, 2021. (including the agent). When it comes to unoccupied houses, however, no more than two people are permitted to visit at any same time.

In these challenging times, it is vital to think about new and alternative ways to provide a safe home viewing experience for both you (the seller) and your prospective buyers. Be up to date in the current situation with all the variety of ways people do to make things work. 

Follow these tips below on how to prepare your house for a covid-safe home viewing.  

Take Advantage of Virtual Viewings (staging the property will make it look more attractive to buyers even when they are viewing virtually.)

Take advantage of virtual home viewing

Since the onset of the pandemic, many real estate agents are utilizing virtual home viewing to showcase properties to potential buyers. This process has been very convenient for both parties. Buyers can see the property even at the comforts of their own home and agents can show the house without risking health and safety. There are a variety of ways to do virtual home viewings. You can create a 360 view, drone scan, interior, and exterior video walkthrough, or even make an interactive VR experience.   To communicate with buyers, real estate brokers can utilize platforms like Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime, Facebook, and even YouTube.

Even if buyers are viewing virtually, having your property staged will allow them to see the house in its best light. Furthermore, producing a video walkthrough would be a lot more immersive since when the rooms are set and designed, there would be less to talk about because the spaces can speak for themselves. Read this interesting story about how a $2M property was purchased by a buyer who hasn’t even viewed the house.

For Actual Viewing

Clean the house thoroughly. (Staging makes the house look fresher and cleaner (look for a trusted home staging company) 

Clean the house thoroughly.

To ensure that the property is safe and clean when buyers come to view, make sure that every nooks and crannies are squeaky clean. Clean areas that are sensitive to moisture and bacteria thoroughly. This includes the bathroom, kitchen, and powder room. Homebuyers will feel more at ease in a property that appears to be furnished. They would have the impression that the property is new and well-kept. When compared to a staged home, a non-staged home seems cold and lifeless. Remember that the objective here is to create a welcoming and pleasant environment to captivate homebuyers’ senses and emotions.

Disinfect surfaces before and after home viewing.

Disinfect surfaces before and after home viewing.

Think of areas that are most likely to be touched by visitors when they tour the house. These are doorknobs, knockers, armchairs, table surfaces, furniture edges, light switches, the top rail of your dining chair, etc. Always disinfect these areas before and after each home viewing. Clean with a disinfecting spray and wipe thoroughly with a wet wipe and a dry microfiber cloth. 

Set up a sanitizing station in your entryway.

Set up a sanitizing station.

A sanitizing station acts as a checkpoint for your household, to prevent Covid from entering. If several house buyers are coming to view the property, it is best to set up a place where they can disinfect/sanitize themselves before and after the showing. This location should be near the property’s main entrance. Designate a space in your entryway for a table where you can place the required disinfection items.

Prepare hygiene kits and protective equipment (masks, thermometer, sanitizers, etc.)

Prepare hygiene kits and protective equipment

Wear appropriate personal protective equipment or follow the approved safety guidelines for Covid 19. Although most buyers bring their own protective gear, it’s always a good idea to have extra masks and a non-contact infrared thermometer on hand to monitor the temperature of everybody entering the property.

Keep doors and windows open during home viewing.

Open doors and windows during home viewing.

Keep doors and windows open so your guests don’t need to touch any surfaces while touring the house. Understand that most purchasers will be hesitant and concerned, especially if they are seeing a home that has already been visited by other possible buyers. Having all of the doors open for them will improve the efficiency and speed of their viewing experience.

Follow social distancing guidelines.

Follow Social Distancing guidelines

Follow social distance guidelines during the house tour to protect yourself and your guests. All attendees should keep a 1-meter distance apart from each other during the tour. Handshakes, hugs, and other forms of embrace should be avoided. Instruct visitors to disinfect their shoes before entering the house and to wash their hands at the sanitizing station in the doorway. They are also not encouraged to use the restroom (as much as possible) or to touch any of the handles, switches, or knobs on the premises. Sharing phones, pens, and pens should also be avoided.

If you want to have all of these covered, choose a good property agent.

Choose a good property agent.

Hiring a professional property agent is always a wise decision. They will assist you in completing a quick and secure property purchase during these trying circumstances. Real estate agents are well-versed in the present situation of the housing market. They would have suggestions on how to market your home and set up a system that would be beneficial to both sides. If you want to avoid the difficulties of property transactions, choose a reputable agent to handle everything.

COVID-19 has brought new realities into our everyday lives and business activities. Personal safety has never been more vital than it is now.  We all have a responsibility to play in keeping our community safe as we progressively adjust to the new normal. As a real estate agent or a home seller, take all safety measures seriously. Visit the CEA (Council for Estate Agencies) website from time to time to get the latest updates on COVID measures and guidance on estate agency work. Be a catalyst for change and progress in order to keep everyone safe and covid-free.