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March 23, 2018

3 Ways to Make Your Property Move-In Ready

Today’s home buyers are often too busy to fully renovate their house before moving in. Therefore, most may look for move-in-ready properties to save time. By replacing some of these things in your house, you will make your property much more appealing and make it easier for your buyer to move in.


  1. Repaint your Walls and Replace your carpets


A simple repainting of your walls can go a long way as it can give your property an entire new look. Get rid of your old dusty carpets that give a bad first impression to your viewers. Replacing your old wallpapers with a neutral paint is not going to burn a big hole in your pocket. Considering the value it can bring to your property, it is definitely a worthy investment!



  1. Restoring every room back to its original state

Have you been to a house which uses the bedroom for storage? That surely undermined the potential of the bedroom. Different people have different needs. Therefore, it is important to reinstate your property back to its original state and let your buyer imagine how to make it suit them.


before after


  1. De-personalise your house

Do you decorate your walls and tv console with your precious family photographs? Time to get rid of them before the viewer comes. If your home is full of your own personal stuffs, a potential buyer would feel uncomfortable to open up drawers or cabinets freely. After all, you’re going to move out and the house is going to have a new owner. It is important to allow the viewers to imagine living in the house themselves!



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