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5 ways to style sofa
June 30, 2017

5 Easy Ways To Style Your Sofa

Many of you might wonder whether a well-styled sofa makes any difference to the value your property? Most sofas are placed in the middle of the living room, making them the center of attraction. Henceforth, a well-styled sofa plays an important role in creating a positive first impression for your property! In this post, we will be sharing with you 5 easy ways to style your sofa!

1) Add In Throw Pillows

Styling sofa with throw pillow is the most common way out there. However, it can easily go wrong with too many throw pillows or colours. Limiting your throw pillows to a maximum of seven and using two or less complementing colors will be a good gauge!

Dining Area


2) Create Layers With Sofa Throws

Sofa throws or blanket is not commonly used in Singapore to style a sofa. However, by simply laying your throw over the arm, or at the edge of the seat will make your plain looking sofa looks more vibrant or elegant!throw sofa


3) Lay A Carpet

Having carpet below your sofa makes your living room looks more grounded and proportioned. It is important for the carpet to be big enough for the front legs of the furniture to rest on it. If there are a lot of colors happening on your sofa, selecting a neutral color rug or one that complements your existing furniture might be a wise choice. For carpet’s texture, it should be in contrast with the texture of the sofa.

5 ways to style sofa


4) Display Your Artwork Collection

If you have a huge empty wall behind your sofa, filling it up is a great way to round up the entire look for your sofa! Some ideas to fill it includes the use of frames, mirrors, or even a console table.frames sofa


5) Bring In A Floor Lamp

Placing a floor lamp next the sofa will brighten up the room and makes it more appealing. On top of that, it also helps to direct viewers attention to your perfectly styled sofa!

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