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December 3, 2018

Common Home Staging FAQs

Is your home ready to be shown to home buyers? Not sure if Home Staging will work for you? Find out the answers to the most common Home Staging FAQs:

  1. What’s the difference between decorating and staging?


While both decorating and Home Staging has a similar objective, that is, to make a home visually appealing, they are not the same. Home Staging is not simply decorating. The main purpose of Home Staging is to get a house ready for sale, while decorating equals to adding personal touch, often according to one’s taste and style. Home Staging involves depersonalisation of a house, which entails removing personalised decorations. This is to help potential buyers visualise themselves living in the house and ultimately, get the house off the market.

2. Do I have to stage the entire house? 


No, however, its important to keep in mind that presentation is very important. Any major difference between a staged room and non-staged room would decrease the overall appeal of the house. It is recommended that sellers stage the entire house. Additionally, a well-staged room may even divert attention away from the house’s weaknesses.

3. Can’t I just declutter?


Home Staging is more than just decluttering. Decluttering is only one part of the Home Staging process, and it is not enough to boost the value of a house.  There are other important elements in Home Staging, for example, furniture arrangements and colour neutralisation. When all elements of Home Staging are present, it will create a visual harmony for buyers that will help in selling a house.

4. Does empty house sell better than staged house?


An empty house makes it difficult for home buyers to see themselves living in it. Through Home Staging, furniture and functional pieces would be brought into a house. Therefore, it can be used to emphasize the spaciousness of the house, and furthermore, buyers will be able to make out the actual room size and the amount of space they have.

5. Should I try to sell my house first without staging, and then stage it once I get a response from the market?


First impression is very important and there is hardly a second chance. An empty house can appear unappealing and plain, and it is less likely to grab buyers’ interest. Hence the buyers must have a positive impression of a house the moment they laid eyes on it. An attractive, well-staged house will be more likely to catch their attention and maintain their interest.

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