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June 15, 2017

How Cubicle Heights Show Your Company Culture

Do know that the height of your cubicle shows your company culture?

Creative vs Rigid

Spontaneous Interaction vs Security and Privacy

Collaboration-Focused vs Productivity Focused

Continue reading while we slowly uncover the meanings behind different cubicle heights!


1. Low Height (42 inches)

While low heights cubicle encourages co-workers to communicate with each other easily, supervisors can also oversee their subordinate work progress conveniently. These cubicles are usually implemented in companies who wants to create a friendly environment and has an open-minded culture.


2. Medium Height (54 inches)

These cubicles create an environment with privacy but yet enable minimal communication between co-workers with the person next to them or opposite. Companies with medium height cubicles might be more formal and focus on workers’ productivity than companies with low height cubicles.

Medium Height Cubicles

3. Tall Height (60 inches or higher): 

These cubicles promise full proof privacy and segregation. This creates a quiet working space away from external distractions. This set-up is perfect for employees who need to engage in sensitive conversations regularly. However, this might make an employee feel left out and distant from their co-workers and organization, reducing their sense of belongingness. This set-up is usually adapted by a serious and traditional company that emphasize highly on productivity and discretion than peer collaboration.

High Cubicle

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