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December 16, 2015

The Exclusive Interview with Marcus Sim’s Winning Property Marketing Strategy

In the year of 2015, the property market continues to be heavily weighted by “cooling measures” and other macro economic factors.

The market is slower. The market is tougher.

But the market still has lots of opportunities for the capable.

The top performers in the industry are still helping their clients to create awesome profits and wealth.

To peek into the winning formula and mindsets of the winners, we spoke with Marcus Sim, Associate Marketing Director from Powerful Negotiators (Propnex Realty), who is an experienced and innovative real estate salesperson. He believes in having proper framework, not luck nor guesswork, in property investment.

Marcus has recently engaged SFR’s home staging service for one of his listings for sale. And he set the record of selling the unit in 10 days after the home staging was done, shortest time we have ever seen.

Below is our interview with Marcus and I bet you are as eager to read on as we do!


SFR: Hi Marcus, thank you for your time. Could you share more about yourself?

Marcus: Hi my name is Marcus Sim, founder of and realtor at PropNex.

I am a strong believer in the power and potential of real estate investment because it can truly change the financial destinies of the average Singaporean.

By using the systematic and strategic frameworks that I recommend to all my clients, they are able to steadily grow their wealth and assets in a low-risk manner.


SFR: What’s your view on general property market in Singapore in 2016?

Marcus: I don’t usually like to comment so much on the property market outlook as most other analysts and gurus do.

And that’s because I find that in the short term… everything is too unpredictable… Cooling measures may be removed… Interest rates may rise… and so on…

However I do believe in investing for the longer term… meaning to say in 5 to 10 years… what is your exit strategy and how you can grow your assets from that point. These are more important questions that have to be answered.

I will however say that in 2015 and moving on to 2016, it IS a buyer’s market.

Regardless of what you read on the news, sales have been picking up and lots of buyers have already seized the opportunity to enter the property market at depressed prices.


SFR: How do you differentiate yourself from other real estate salespersons?

Marcus: I think the main difference between me and most other agents is that I employ an all-encompassing approach to marketing a property.

Selling a property is not as simple as posting a listing on property portals. It takes more work than that. (If you are trying to get the best possible price for your unit of course).

I am a strong believer in creating an awesome experience for every buyer who walks through the listings that I market.

And I am very glad to have found a partner in SFR who are excellent at what they do… and that is presenting a home in its best possible state.

Once a property is “ready for sale”, that’s when the avalanche of promotions begin… on social media… property portals… newspaper print ads… flyers… invitations to open houses… and so on.


SFR: How did you get to know us and why did you decide to engage our home staging service?

Marcus: It’s an interesting story.

I was doing my research on home staging companies in Singapore and I came across SFR… It seemed like a solid company with a good portfolio and I was already planning to contact you for a discussion on partnership opportunities.

Little did I know… that when I checked my inbox.. I had already received an email through my blog to ask for a partnership!

So that was how I got to know the good people at SFR.

You guys impressed me with your sense of aesthetics and professionalism through your extensive portfolio of completed projects.

Therefore, it made a lot of sense to me to engage your services as it resonated with my marketing strategy to sell my clients’ properties.


SFR: So how was your overall experience with the service provided by SFR?

Marcus: the service provided was nothing short of excellent!

Everything with regards to the staging was done promptly and professionally… Which left me more time to think and execute ways to market my clients’ properties more effectively.

SFR: Can you share a specific example of what you did differently that helped you clinched the deal in such a short time?

Marcus: Sure. The one key element that I do not compromise is the photography of the unit I am selling. To me… this is one of the most important factors that causes a listing to get sold quickly and effectively.

And the reason for that… is because buyers are generally spoilt for choice… especially in a ‘weak’ market. They have a limited time frame to view houses and typically only view properties that they have shortlisted beforehand.

Now… to get on their shortlist, you have to create an emotional response in them when they view your listing online or in print. And that’s where great photography comes in to grab their attention and make them WANT to view your property.


SFR: 2015 is coming to an end. Planning forward, what’s your personal plan / goal for 2016?

Marcus: Great question.

My personal goal in 2016 is to help 20 more Singaporean couples start building their wealth through careful property investment strategies.

And the way I plan to do that is to firstly assess their current property portfolio and scenario and customizing solutions for them to move forward.

So if you are keen to find out how you too can grow your wealth through property investments, simply schedule a casual coffee session with me. I’ll be glad to share much more with you and your spouse when we meet.

We hope that you have learned some useful tips and strategies from this interview. To find out more about home staging, drop us an enquiry or call us at +65 6759 1021.

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