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Office Furniture

7 Tips You Should Know When Buying Used Furniture

Buying secondhand furniture provides a number of significant benefits, including reduced costs for higher-quality furniture and a smaller ecological impact. Whether you are planning to spruce up your new rental apartment or condo unit, considering used furniture is always a good idea. Aside from the fact that they are affordable, used items can be very […]

New vs. Used Furniture: Which One Should You Buy?

When sprucing up a new space with furniture, buying either new or used pieces has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. For most of us, buying furniture is an investment. Even if they are second-hand, they can still be expensive. As much as possible when buying new stuff, we want to get the most […]

How to Buy Furniture Online Without Regrets

Buying furniture online has a lot of advantages. You can find several options with just a click of a button and you can basically do it anytime, anywhere. However, there’s a huge risk that comes along with purchasing expensive products online. There’s a possibility that the furniture may not look exactly as it is in […]

5 Things to Consider When Buying Furniture Online

Online shopping in Singapore is most popular among people aged 25 to 44. According to a Visa research, 26% of Singaporeans buy online at least once a week, the greatest proportion in Southeast Asia as a whole. This figure alone shows that Singaporeans love to do online shopping. Everything you can buy in a physical […]

Why You Should be Shopping for Furniture Online

Shopping has now become more convenient than ever since the advent of e-commerce stores and the rise of social media marketing. Almost everything we can buy in a physical store can be bought online. From clothes, toys, appliances, and furniture, to food, medicine, and even insurance! Everything is accessible with just a single click of […]

Home Staging Tips: Home Office

Back in March of 2020, the Covid pandemic hit Singapore just as hard as any other country. Due to the resulting lockdowns, most employers shifted to a work-from-home arrangement for their employees. Even now, amidst efforts to dial down Covid’s status into an endemic, 34% of Singapore employees continue to work from home. The growing […]