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Office Furniture

Home Staging Tips: Home Office

Back in March of 2020, the Covid pandemic hit Singapore just as hard as any other country. Due to the resulting lockdowns, most employers shifted to a work-from-home arrangement for their employees. Even now, amidst efforts to dial down Covid’s status into an endemic, 34% of Singapore employees continue to work from home. The growing […]

Why Rent Furniture?

Have you ever heard anyone utter the phrase “I want to rent some furniture?” If you’re not in the real estate industry, we understand that this may be a foreign concept to you. However, furniture rental is a booming industry, and we proudly serve clients for many different purposes. Short Term Stays Most people renting […]

Office Staging 🏢

An office is no longer just a room with cubicles and rigidly-arranged rows of desks. Companies are looking for a workspace that is innovative and stylish, which encourage both open communication and creativity. So as a landlord or agent, how do you spruce up your office space to attract tenant? Well no worries, SFR now […]

3 Ways To Turn Your Living Space Into A Home Office

Ever had to take your work home with you? How about needing a quiet and peaceful place where you can work on a project or read a book without any distractions? A home office could be useful in completing those tasks. However, it is important to know the right elements to include when creating a […]

How Cubicle Heights Show Your Company Culture

Do know that the height of your cubicle shows your company culture? Creative vs Rigid Spontaneous Interaction vs Security and Privacy Collaboration-Focused vs Productivity Focused Continue reading while we slowly uncover the meanings behind different cubicle heights!   1. Low Height (42 inches) While low heights cubicle encourages co-workers to communicate with each other easily, supervisors […]

5 Top Modern Office Furniture Layout Trends in 2017

Bored of your office? You’re not alone. In recent years, many local companies have jumped onto the bandwagon to modernise the look and feel of their office. Popularized by Silicon Valley tech startups, the modern office environment has been proven to increase employee engagement and raise productivity levels. Ready to assemble your modern office? Check out […]