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Read on for an easy, quick guide on how you can start beautifying your property

SG Property Market

5 Things Agents REALLY Should Be Doing to Sell Property

Selling your property in the current market is no easy feat with the advances in technology bringing businesses online. But how can you use these resources to your advantage? Our team here at Singapore Furniture Rental (SFR) has some bright ideas in store for you. 1. Set the stage If you have yet to try home staging for […]

8 MUST-HAVE Mobile App for Property Agents

As a property agent, it is important to be in-the-know anytime and anywhere. Equipping yourself with the right technology will help increase your productivity and efficiency. In this article, we will be introducing 8 MUST-HAVE mobile app for property agents. 1. Happy Inspector – Android | iPhone This app is a brilliant resource for conducting property inspections. […]

5 Easy Ways To Style Your Sofa

Many of you might wonder whether a well-styled sofa makes any difference to the value your property? Most sofas are placed in the middle of the living room, making them the center of attraction. Henceforth, a well-styled sofa plays an important role in creating a positive first impression for your property! In this post, we […]

How Cubicle Heights Show Your Company Culture

Do know that the height of your cubicle shows your company culture? Creative vs Rigid Spontaneous Interaction vs Security and Privacy Collaboration-Focused vs Productivity Focused Continue reading while we slowly uncover the meanings behind different cubicle heights!   1. Low Height (42 inches) While low heights cubicle encourages co-workers to communicate with each other easily, supervisors […]

How To Quickly Sell Your Property

(Article adapted from Money Digest) You can sell your property at a faster pace by combining strategy with a little dedication. Consider these tips: SET AN ATTRACTIVE STAGE There is something that you cannot deny. We all heard the saying: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. The essence of this […]

5 Secret Décor Tips To Brighten Up A Room Without Adding Lightings

Not every home is situated in a location with great natural lighting. If your home is dark and gloomy, fret not! We are here to share with you 5 Secret Décor Tips to brighten up a room without having to add any lightings! 1. Replace Heavy Curtains Thick and dark curtains absorb lights. Opting for translucent […]