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Read on for an easy, quick guide on how you can start beautifying your property

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Home Staging Mistakes That Turn Off Buyers

From vague house decor to poor quality photography, here are some of the most common Home Staging mistakes that people make when putting their house up for sale. Personalized Decor Depersonalising is an important part of Home Staging where personal decors are removed from the unit. The aim is to make the unit look like […]

Benefits of Home Staging

Home owners and property agents have one main goal in common: to get their property off the market as quickly as possible. Both home owners and property agents can achieve a number of benefits by staging their unit before putting it up for sale. Home Staging helps to increase the chance of a quicker sale […]

Common Home Staging FAQs

Is your home ready to be shown to home buyers? Not sure if Home Staging will work for you? Find out the answers to the most common Home Staging FAQs: What’s the difference between decorating and staging? While both decorating and Home Staging has a similar objective, that is, to make a home visually appealing, […]

5 Ways to Start De-Cluttering Your House

It’s about time you start thinking about your overflowing wardrobes and messy tabletops in your living area. Here are five easy ways to start de-cluttering your home! 1. Before you start… Prepare 3 boxes before you go into decluttering any one area – for things that belong in the area, for things that belong elsewhere and […]

Quick Guide to Choosing the Perfect Rental Home

Whether you are looking for a short-term rental home or renting for an extended period, read on below to get started on your rental house hunt! 1. Know your priorities Do you have children who will be schooling? Consider a unit that is nearer to schools or educational institutions. Or do you prefer somewhere quiet? You may […]

A Simple Guide to Setting up Home Lighting

Whether you are going for the classic light stand or an extravagantly lit-up living area, here’s a simple guide to get started on how to light up your home. 1. Lighting up focal points The eye is always drawn to the brightest point upon entering a room. Plan your lighting setup around what you want […]