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SG Property Market

5 Amazing Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Property Listing

Article originated from TRUUUE.  Amazing property but no calls? The problem might just lie with the quality of your listing. Many times, we get sellers coming to us, complaining that they are not getting any expression of interests. We took a look at their listings and see pictures of (only) windows, old furniture, chipped floor boards […]

The Exclusive Interview with Marcus Sim’s Winning Property Marketing Strategy

In the year of 2015, the property market continues to be heavily weighted by “cooling measures” and other macro economic factors. The market is slower. The market is tougher. But the market still has lots of opportunities for the capable. The top performers in the industry are still helping their clients to create awesome profits […]

Property Market Slowing. Furniture Rental Here to Help.

photo source: Singapore’s housing rental prices decline further in December, according to Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX).A weakening rental markets means that your property needs to stand out in the market from other properties. That makes it even harder if your property is unfurnished. Over the past few months, Singapore Furniture Rental (SFR) has […]