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Home Staging Feb 24, 2016

Simple Tips to Home Stage a Property

Selling a home is about presentation. The better you are able to highlight the best parts of your home and show the buyer the potential in property investment, the faster you will be able to sell it. So decorating it deliberately to entice a buyer, or home staging, is a very good way of improving […]

Home Staging Feb 2, 2016

Uncover the True Value of Your Property with Home Staging

How can you lease or sell a property faster and (or) with a better asking? Location? Certainly. But you can’t do much with the location of the properties you have in hand, can you? Condition of the house? Yes, we agree. Tenants and buyers are increasingly spoilt with choices today. If your property is not […]

The Exclusive Interview with Marcus Sim’s Winning Property Marketing Strategy

In the year of 2015, the property market continues to be heavily weighted by “cooling measures” and other macro economic factors. The market is slower. The market is tougher. But the market still has lots of opportunities for the capable. The top performers in the industry are still helping their clients to create awesome profits […]

Home Staging Dec 15, 2015

Home Staging Helped Him Sell His Unit in 5 Days (and Close Deal at First Viewing)

Let me guess, you are trying to sell your property, but the market is slow? As the old saying goes, “people buy on emotion”. However, when your property is unfurnished, it is really hard to evoke any emotion from the potential buyer at viewing. That makes the selling even slower. One of our customers, Jeremiah […]

Property Tips Sep 8, 2015

Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

Low ceiling? Narrow living room? Cramped space? What can we do to overcome these intrinsic shortcomings of small apartments and make them “look” bigger? Let’s start with this picture on “Optical Illusion”: Interestingly, even though the two vertical lines have the exact same length, the one on the left somehow looks longer. This is because […]

Property Tips Aug 31, 2015

Just Got Your TOP Unit? Top 5 Things to Check During Inspection

To all homeowners and property investors, receiving the TOP confirmation for their properties is the most exciting thing ever. During the warranty period, if the owner discovers any defects with the property, they could request the developer to fix them. This is where property inspection becomes super important. Yet, many people (especially first time property […]


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