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October 15, 2014

How to Sell Properties in the Shortest Time Possible?

As a property realtor, how do you sell an unit like this the fastest?

A few weeks ago, Jayson, a property realtor from PropNex Realty, was marketing a 3 bedroom HDB unit and he faced an issue of selling the unit.

The unit itself had no problem in terms of location, neighbourhood and asking price. However, as what you observed in the photo below, the condition of the house was quite disastrous. There were miscellaneous items all over the place with old furniture left, occupying the bedrooms. Because of this, Jayson had not been able to sell the unit after 5 months of marketing efforts .

If you were Jayson, how would you have tackled the challenge?

Jayson found us and he discovered that our home staging service was meant to solve exactly the problem that he was facing. We proposed a home staging plan for Jayson to transform the unit from a ragged state to showroom standard using a combination of furniture rental service, home staging service and cleaning service.

We are glad that the outcome of our service proved to be transformational and value-adding.

After staging, Jayson was able to get viewing from potential buyers who stayed in the unit for at least 30 minutes. That gave him sufficient time to ensure quality presentation of the unit to the buyers.






Within 3 weeks, Jayson managed to sell the unit at a higher price than the previous offer. Using Jayson’s own words, he was really “impressed with how home staging can better market an unit and selling it at a higher price”.

Jayson had a challenging case, but he did not stop exploring options that could help him tackle the challenge to serve his client better.

Like Jayson, if you are exploring possible ways to add more value to your clients, we are definitely here to help.

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P.S. you can find out more completed home staging projects in our portfolio:

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