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Where In Singapore? Yishun: Best Food, Schools & Amenities in the Area

Planning to get a property in Yishun? Read on below to find out what Yishun has to offer! Of the many towns in Singapore, Yishun may be one that is tucked away in the corner of the island and less often frequented. However, with its many amenities & development coming into fruition in recent years, […]

5 Scents To Fill A House With This Christmas

Tis’ the season to be jolly and spread some holiday cheers around by making your home smell like Christmas! Here are some ways you could infuse some Christmas-y scents into your house. Cinnamon A lot of treats and drinks will be made with cinnamon during the holiday season and what could be better than to […]

Style Nov 12, 2019

Why Lighting Is Important In Your Home Decor

Lighting can often be an overlooked section when planning for the interior design of your home. Read on more to find out how lighting can play an important part of your home design!   Some home owners choose to simplify the process by purely lighting up areas fully without much thought as to whether to […]

Style Oct 21, 2019

5 Indoor Plants To Liven Up Your Home

Indoor plants are good to have around the house as they have many benefits. They also adorn the house nicely and give it a homey and welcoming feel at all times. Here are 5 indoor plants you should have in your home: 1) ZZ Plant Zamioculcas zamiifolia AKA ZZ plants are great house plants as […]

Super Easy Tips To Showcase The Perfect Viewing

With thousands of listings in the market competing to secure a home buyer, you can find it difficult for your listings to leave a memorable impression for home buyers.  Read on for 5 super easy tips on how to showcase the perfect viewing!   1. Before the physical viewing, potential buyers have already viewed your […]

5 Simple Centrepieces Ideas For Your Table

Centrepieces are useful in helping to pull the focus of home viewers. It could help to set the tone for the entire room and it is the perfect accessory to bring a pop of colour into the area. Here are 5 centrepiece ideas that would help bring that to life. 1) Fruits Displaying fruits in […]


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