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Read on for an easy, quick guide on how you can start beautifying your property

Home Staging

5 Easy Ways to Style Your Bedside Table

When doing Home Staging, it is essential to include functional furniture pieces. A bedside table is one of the functional pieces that completes a bedroom’s appearance. Below are some easy tips to stage bedside table to make it look functional yet stylish. 1. Add Lighting A small table lamp is a basic functional item for bedside tables. Consider […]

Sell The Lifestyle Through Home Staging

A new home is equivalent to a new lifestyle. Creating the image of an ideal lifestyle in a new home can be done through Home Staging by following these tips: Replace outdated furniture Those who are looking to buy a new home are often looking for a new start. Give your unit an improved and refreshed […]

3 Decor Trends To Use in Home Staging

Home decor trends can be used in Home Staging to give the property a more new and improved look, which ultimately boosts the appeal of the property. Below are some of the latest home decor trends you can easily use for your Home Staging. 1. Dark Wood Furniture The current wood trend is all about the “raw” appearance, […]

3 Overlooked Areas in Home Staging

Home Staging is an essential selling point when marketing your property, and it plays an important role in being the key factor in buyers decision making. While most of the time we tend to focus on highlighting the main areas, such as living room, dining area and bedrooms, there are some areas that became easily […]

Common Mistakes in Home Staging

It is crucial for property agents or home owners who wish to sell their property, to have a well staged property that will appeal to potential buyers. The following are some common mistakes in home staging which should be avoided when showcasing a property to customers. Using decors of the same height and proportions  Accessories […]

Spice Up Your Home With These 5 Minimalist Design Ideas

Clean, fresh and white – three basic elements that act as a foundation for a minimal interior design. It might not seem much, but that’s how it’s supposed to be: minimal, and in this case, less is more! It’s all about eliminating unnecessary elements in order to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing living space. Colour Palette […]