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August 3, 2022

YouTube for Real Estate Agents: How to Use It To Build Your Online Presence

YouTube is considered the second-largest popular search engine. People spend billions of hours daily watching videos on this platform. If you are not using YouTube to reach your audience or build your social media presence as a real estate agent, then you’re clearly missing out on your chances of being seen by a wider audience. 

Videos are deemed a more effective marketing tool compared to images. Unlike images, videos are more interactive and entertaining to watch. With the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels, many business owners utilize these new tools to showcase their businesses to the world. If you’ve been thinking about making videos for your real estate business but don’t know where or how to start, then this blog is perfect for you. 

We’re gonna be tackling YouTube for Real Estate Agents and how you can use this powerful platform to show the world what you’ve got.  

Plan Your YouTube Channel

Narrow by amenities

First things first. If you haven’t created a YouTube channel for your business, it’s about time to create one. Creating a YouTube channel is one thing but building and growing it is another thing. A YouTube channel does not grow overnight. It is something that you should focus on, plan, and do consistently to gain results. If building a YouTube channel seems like a daunting task, there is another alternative that you can do. 

AffinityMotions, a video production company helps real estate agents create walk-through and marketing videos. When you engage with them, your video will be posted on their YouTube channel. AffinityMotions Property Singapore TV has received 4 million lifetime views on YouTube, and the number is growing consistently. They have over 6,000+ subscribers, and have reached up to 60k unique viewers in the previous months and obtain 11 million impressions per day!

Create Interesting Property Walk-Through Videos

Start Filming

The heart of real estate content is walk-through videos. So, create tons of them. Create one from each of the listings you have for sale. Talk about the property, the neighborhood, what to expect living in the area, what are the amenities, and other significant information that buyers would want to know when looking for properties to buy. 

Take a look at AffinityMotion’s YouTube channel to see how they create amazing and interactive property walk-throughs for their real estate agent clients. 

Do Social Media

Question and Answer Live Stream

If you decide to create your own YouTube channel from scratch, one way to increase its audience and subscribers is by sharing it on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. AffinityMotions are also present in these platforms- constantly and consistently updating their audiences when new videos are uploaded. 

Post Consistently

Plan and strategize your content every month. Growing  a YouTube page requires posting videos consistently and at a scheduled date. Create a plan or system on how you’re going to generate content every other day or week depending on your target metrics. If you can’t produce videos consistently, create a content bank and make content way ahead of time and schedule them so you will never run out of video to post. 

Repurpose old content

Coming up with new ideas for video content becomes a challenge when you think you already did everything in your idea bank. Consider repurposing old content or videos and find new ways to share them again with your audience without being redundant. 

Interact with your viewers

Educational/Advice Videos

Encourage your viewers to act or engage with your channel by including a call to action in your videos. Tell them to like and subscribe and stay updated for new videos. When you have grown your channel, there are a variety of things you can do to engage with your audience. Tell them to comment their thoughts, visit your website, follow your other social channels and participate in promotions if there is any. 

Push for more subscriptions

When it comes to building a great online community, developing a subscription base of devoted and committed members is crucial. A YouTube channel is more likely to receive targeted traffic, visibility, and views when it has a large number of subscribers.

Engage with a video production company

Consider hiring a professional videographer or engaging with a trusted video production company to help you kickstart your video marketing content. By engaging with a video production company, you will be able to save time in coming up with a video script, filming, and editing. You will also save money since you don’t need to purchase video equipment and editing software. 

If you want to connect with a video production company for real estate agents, check out the AffinityMotions YouTube channel to learn how working with a professional team may help you kickstart your video content marketing plan.

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