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November 1, 2021

Why Rent Furniture?

Have you ever heard anyone utter the phrase “I want to rent some furniture?”

If you’re not in the real estate industry, we understand that this may be a foreign concept to you. However, furniture rental is a booming industry, and we proudly serve clients for many different purposes.

Short Term Stays

Most people renting furniture opt to go this route due to the temporary nature of their accommodations. If you think about it, it makes sense. A lot of people rent property instead of buying it outright, so why can’t the same logic apply to furniture?

With expats comprising nearly 29% of Singapore’s overall population, temporary living situations are pretty common. Factor in international undergrads or post-graduate students, and you have a pretty healthy population of people here for a relatively short-term stay

What about locals? Most often, these are people currently in-between homes. Often, this is due to closing a sale on their old home before their new home is ready for occupation. Or, they could be in the middle of some major renovations for their existing home. Regardless of the reason, locals also commonly find themselves in short-term living situations.

It’s not too uncommon to find unfurnished units on the property market.

These people looking for short-term accommodations often go with renting condo units. Since a lot of these units come bare, renters will often have to source their furniture themselves. Whether you’re an expat who’s just moved into the country with just a few pieces of luggage or a local, this process can be very stressful and time-consuming.

The Surprisingly Tedious Task of Acquiring Furniture

So, put yourself in the shoes of someone renting out a place for the short term.

Locals who’ve recently moved out of their old home will usually be fresh from having to deal with all their old furniture. Even with the best service possible, coordinating with moving services and storage services just adds another stressful wrinkle into the process of moving homes.

A lot of expats won’t even have any furniture at all to stress about! How often do you see people moving to new countries with large pieces of furniture in tow?

Furniture can be a big investment. It’s important to consider these purchases in the long-term, too.

Sure, you can just go out and buy furniture. But what if you’re only going to be in the country for a year or less? Or what if the furniture for your rental unit won’t go well with the design of your new home?

Dealing With Furniture You Don’t Need

So, this leaves you with a potentially stressful task once your rental period is up. That’s dealing with all the furniture in your rental unit.

You could easily end up having to find buyers for every single piece of furniture in your house. Or worse; having to put all this stuff you just bought into storage since it won’t go well with your new home. That’s not just leaving money on the table. Renting a storage unit for your unwanted furniture is just additional expenses outright.

This is where coordinating with a furniture rental company comes in. Renting furniture provides you with a way to get rid of all of those headaches. Just drop us a line, and we’ll take care of whatever it is you need!

How May We Be Of Service?

Regardless of how long (or short) your stay in Singapore would be, furniture rental companies like us will happily accommodate whatever furniture needs you may have.

Rental periods can go on for as little as one month to over a year. If you find yourself having to move out of your temporary accommodations sooner than expected, that works too. In most cases, you’ll only need to pay a portion of your owed fees for the rest of your rental period.

Whether you’re going to be living by yourself or with your entire family, you’re going to be covered. Furniture rental companies keep incredibly comprehensive inventories of furniture for their customers. For example, here at SFR, you can rent pieces as small as a shoe rack all the way to items as large as a complete mattress and bed frame set. We even have appliances available to rent, from microwaves to smart TVs!

Practical Pricing

Renting furniture doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The overall amount you’d spend over a rental period is comparable to what you’d spend paying for these items in installments. In some cases, it’s even cheaper.

Not convinced? Let’s look at how much you’d spend on a bed for example. Renting a king-sized bed from us — complete with a headboard and bed frame — will only set you back S$47 a month. Over a 1 year rental period, this can actually be even cheaper than purchasing the mattress alone.

Specific Needs

Even furnished condo units may still be missing specific pieces of furniture that may be essential to you… such as office furniture!

Comfort is one thing you shouldn’t have to compromise when working at home.

Anyone who’s going to be spending prolonged periods of time on their computer understands the importance of a good desk and chair. Even if you’re able to find furnished condo units, they often don’t come with office chairs or desks suited for work. Worst of all, these items don’t often come cheap and can be much harder to sell off if you end up purchasing them.

Another situation where you may find yourself renting furniture such as office chairs, desks, and so on is if you own commercial units. Property owners of commercial units often leave these bare upon purchasing them. They then coordinate with furniture rental companies like us to furnish them if they’re to be rented out for office use.

So, regardless of whether you need office furniture for home or use in an actual office, you can always opt to rent it.

Home Staging

Renting furniture isn’t just for people living on the property themselves. It’s also for people looking to sell their property. Enter home staging, the process of ‘dressing up’ property on the market. Most of the furniture used to stage bare units is sourced from furniture rental companies like us.

Home staging and furniture rental are two services that go hand-in-hand.

We offer this service in addition to furniture rental; it’s a key step in selling your property. Staged homes can see you close a deal sooner, and sometimes even for a higher price. This is a topic we’ve already covered extensively here on our blog. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to browse our other entries on the topic!

Property owners can also avail of home staging even if they’re just looking to rent out units. Furniture used in home staging can then be rented out by the prospective tenant also, though this doesn’t happen very often.

Renting furniture is a practical solution for lots of different people with varying needs and circumstances.

So, does the phrase, “I want to rent some furniture” still sound so strange to you?