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November 12, 2019

Why Lighting Is Important In Your Home Decor

Lighting can often be an overlooked section when planning for the interior design of your home. Read on more to find out how lighting can play an important part of your home design!


Some home owners choose to simplify the process by purely lighting up areas fully without much thought as to whether to use warm or cool lighting or to set up lightings to highlight a certain area of the home.

Warm or Cool Lighting?

Warm lighting can incorporate a cozy and homely feel to the unit but overdoing it can make your home look gloomy and depressing. Cool lighting is the way to go when you want an area to look clean and bright, while too much of it can make the home look evenly lit but there is no focus or dynamism to your interior design.

Purpose of lighting?

Different areas have different purposes for you. You wouldn’t light a living room the same way you would light a study room. Therefore, knowing the purpose of the rooms in your home will aid you in your lighting choices.

How should I do it?

The most advantageous way to use lighting is to light an area properly and then highlight specific details with spot lighting. This helps to make your home look evenly lit and brings proper attention to your key areas.