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June 20, 2022

Why Home Staging Works

Despite the fact that many top-performing property agents are doing home staging and are recommending it to home sellers, there are still sellers and agents who are quite skeptical about doing it. One of the reasons why they are unconvinced that home staging works is because they haven’t tried it yet and they haven’t experienced the success and effectiveness of staging a home and closing property deals fast and for more money.

There is no doubt that home staging works. The statistics show it – and a lot of people are doing home staging businesses too which implies that it is a thriving industry and a sought-after service here in Singapore.

Our business, in fact, has been in the industry for more than a decade and has served hundreds of real estate agents and helped them sell over 3,000 properties in a course of 3 years. Over 90% of these properties are sold within just 1-2 months.

Why is home staging effective? Why does it work? We’ve broken down 7 reasons why.

1. Home staging appeals to emotion

Home staging helps to sell your house faster

Selling real estate is a challenging task. It requires a good marketing strategy in order to generate leads, close deals, and eventually meet sales targets. If you are a real estate agent who has been selling for quite some time now, you’re probably familiar with the term “emotional marketing”. It is a marketing strategy that is primarily designed to get your audience to do or feel something. Whether it is the urge to notice, remember, purchase, or share. It is a method that encourages consumer response.

If you are selling an empty property, for example, your chance of getting your potential buyers to respond even to your listing is very low. This will make you lose the sale over to someone who is selling a similar yet beautifully staged property. Home staging a property generates consumer response because it appeals to emotion. Buyers can be amazed, curious, and feel an emotional connection. That’s what makes it effective.

 2. It leaves a positive first impression

It leaves a positive first impression

We can’t stress enough how important first impressions are. They leave a mark and sometimes can be very hard to change. Potential buyers create an opinion about the house they are visiting in less than 10 seconds. You literally have ten seconds to get their attention and that ten seconds might affect the decision they’re going to make once they left the property. By staging the property, you can get a good first impression from buyers and potentially close the deal!

 3. It showcases the ideal lifestyle

It showcases the ideal lifestyle

Another marketing strategy that has been proven effective is called “Lifestyle Selling.” In lifestyle selling, you are selling the end result rather than the method that gets you there. This is what home staging does. It shows potential buyers the lifestyle that they have dreamed of and the kind of life that they can experience when they purchase the house.

There are reasons why they might not end up buying the property although they really like it such as cost, location, mortgage, and others. But by simply showing them their ideal lifestyle, there’s a huge chance they might consider buying it regardless of other reasons.

 4. It helps homebuyers visualize the home

home staging

Home staging shows potential buyers what a place looks like once they move in. They can see how the furniture fits; they can have a rough estimate of how big the property is, and whether or not it can accommodate their family. Giving buyers as much visual information will make them remember your property and it will encourage them to make a reasonable offer if it meets all the criteria they are looking for in a home.

 5. It highlights the best features of your property


When prospective buyers see a house, they try to visualize themselves living there. Despite this, just 10% of property purchasers can see the full potential of an empty house. This is why staging a property is so important: you don’t want the buyers to miss seeing the best features of the property by leaving it empty. So, to have more chances of winning or let’s say closing the deal, consider staging it!

 6. It is a marketing strategy

They are seasoned agents in the field

One of the reasons why real estate agents do home staging is because it is part of the marketing strategy. When you stage a home, you can get good photos to post on your listing. When you have attractive listing photos, your property gets more attention, leads, inquiries, and home viewing requests, and you might just get the best offer that’s way higher than your original asking price. Home staging is a marketing strategy that top-performing real estate agents have proven effective. That’s why they stage almost all their listings before putting them up on the market.

 7. Home staging is showing exactly what a buyer wants to see

Henry Ford once said, “If I’d ask customers what they wanted, they would’ve told me a faster horse.” People don’t know what they want until you show it to them. We couldn’t agree more with this statement.

While many home buyers have an idea in their mind about what they’re looking for in a dream home, they don’t really have a clear idea of what it is until you show it to them. That’s where home staging helps. It shows them their ideal living spaces. How they want their living room to be, how big the bedrooms should be, or if there should have balconies or outdoor spaces. The key thing is to show buyers the ideal things and make them want it. 

Planning to stage your property soon? We’ve got your back! By engaging with our service, your property will be taken care of throughout the staging process. We’re also offering real estate agents a Stage Now, Pay Later option! Stage the 5 most important rooms in your property without the hassle and pay your home staging fee in easy installments with 0% interest! Visit our website or contact us through  to get a quote.

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