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Furniture Retailers Should Outsource Their Warehousing and Distribution
August 24, 2022

Furniture Retailers Should Outsource Their Warehousing and Distribution

E-commerce became very popular when COVID-19 struck and last-mile delivery services were found very helpful. Because people didn’t have a choice but to stay at home, many resorted to online shopping to acquire their needs. From food, clothes, and medicine, to home essentials like kitchenware, home decors, and furniture – can all be purchased online. As many people switched from shopping in-store to online, businesses struggled to keep up with the new trend. New processes must be set and companies need to adapt to the changes for their business to thrive. 

Fortunately, there are third-party logistic companies that fill in the gap and help business owners streamline their business processes by handling their last-mile delivery needs. SFR Logistics helps furniture retailers scale their business by providing customized last-mile delivery solutions. Delivering heavy and bulky furniture items is not an easy feat. It requires the assistance of experts for them to be transported safely and assembled properly. Over the last ten years, SFR Logistics have done house moving and furniture delivery more than 10,000 times and provided disposal and storage services for various clients.

Outsourcing your furniture distribution and warehousing might just be the solution you need to grow your business. Here are 8 reasons why partnering with a last-mile delivery provider is essential for your furniture business. 

Last-mile delivery is not your company’s area of expertise

Last-mile delivery is not your company's area of expertise

Some furniture retail stores, especially older ones, do their own warehousing and distribution. Of course, transportation and storage is something that furniture retail owners consider when starting a business in the furniture industry. However, this can be costly and time consuming. Many business owners who just started selling furniture find partnering with a third party logistics provider more efficient and cost-effective. There are many things that a company can do but there are also things that should be best left to the experts. 

To improve customer service experience

You can have peace of mind

Any business’s core competency is customer service. Customer expectations in the modern era include quick delivery and real-time tracking. However, it can be difficult to move goods so quickly, and tracking technology is expensive. These features can be provided as part of the services offered by a third-party warehousing and fulfillment partner, which can help you maintain a higher customer satisfaction rate. 

You want to be cost-effective

last-mile delivery

Doing warehousing and distribution by yourself can be pretty expensive. You will need to rent a warehouse to store your inventory and you need to purchase an entire fleet of trucks and hire people to handle the furniture delivery and assembly. All of this can cost you a ton of money which is not sustainable. Much more so if you’ve just started your furniture retail business. If you engage with a logistics company however, you don’t need to hire people or buy a fleet of trucks. You just have to pay for the service and your business is up and running. 

You have no time to handle last-mile delivery

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Handling distribution and warehousing by yourself is like managing an entire company that specializes in a different service. It is very time-consuming and expensive. Unless you have the expertise to run a logistics company or you are passionate about warehousing and keeping inventories, then consider giving it a go. However, if you think it is too much work, look for a last-mile delivery provider near you with a reputable record and inquire more about their service. 

You want to streamline your business processes

Home staging can increase leads

If you can take three steps to finish something, why take five steps? There is a power in simplifying things. By engaging with a last-mile delivery service provider, you will be able to streamline your business process. Because you don’t have to worry about where to store your inventory or who should deliver your furniture items, you can focus more on other important tasks such as marketing and sales. 

You want to scale your business

last-mile delivery

To scale effectively, you’ll need a third-party source who can keep up with the always shifting demand variations. There are seasons where you might think that you can handle logistics just fine. But there are also times where the company gets so busy with a lot of stuff that it gets hard to manage. Avoid biting more than you can chew and seek the assistance of a third-party to make your systems consistent and sustainable. 

You need an efficient last-mile delivery solution

To be able to move in fast

One of the most crucial and noticeable components of the supply chain is final-mile delivery. A MetaPack poll found that 59% of consumers believe they spend more money with businesses who offer rapid, simple, and transparent delivery. Your customers will receive more effective, error-free deliveries when you turn over your orders to a third-party provider for the last mile. This will enhance the reputation of your business.

You want less errors and stress

sfr logistics

When you work with a third-party furniture logistics provider like SFR Logistics, you have direct access to industry professionals that are highly skilled about handling heavy and bulky furniture and knowledgeable about how to grow and streamline your supply-chain processes while reducing errors. As a result of decades of process improvement our clients benefit from a streamlined and more efficient logistic process than they would if they decide to do distribution and warehousing on their own. 

At SFR Logistics we offer you the best logistics solutions for your last-mile delivery needs. Whether you are planning to move homes, or are looking for an ideal last-mile delivery provider for your furniture retail business. Over the last ten years, we have done house moving and furniture delivery. We served more than 10,000 times and provided disposal and storage services for various clients. Whether it’s a bulky sofa or fragile appliances, we ensure that your items  will be delivered smoothly and hassle-free. Leave all the heavy stuff to us and focus more on scaling your business.

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