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March 16, 2021


Ikea is what comes to most mind when we speak of Queenstown. Queenstown has the reputation of being the “old people neighbourhood” in the late 80s to 90s. However, what is Queenstown like today? Let’s take a deep dive to find out the pros and cons of living within Queenstown.


Some of the best school in the city

Queenstown is home to many prestigious and well known international schools in Singapore. Such as Tangling Trust School, Anglo-Chinese Singapore (International) and INSEAD Asia campus. It is also the home to the first university and first polytechnic in Singapore, National University Singapore (NUS) and Singapore Polytechnic.


A short distance from the city centre

Travelling has never been easier. You are a measly 4 MRT stops away from Tanjong Pagar, 30min bus ride to orchard road and a 14min drive into Raffles place.


Peaceful neighbourhood

Being at the city fringe, it is much more peaceful. The roads are not as jam-packed, and there is barely any nightlife. It’s ideal for those who favour a cosy evening.


Surrounded by the business hub

Queenstown is only a short car-ride away from One-North and Labrador Park, where you will find Mediapolis, Fusionopolis and Alexandra Business Hub.



Limited amenities

There are a few malls in Queenstown, like the Queensway mall and IKEA, where options are mostly limited to sportswear or furniture. There are also malls like Anchorpoint and Alexandra Central, but shopping options are limited as well. The only place you can find some nightlife would be in holland village.

However, limited amenities also contributes to why Queenstown is a peaceful and quiet neighbourhood.


Ageing housing estate

There has been newer development within Queenstown like the Skyville and Sky Terrace @ Dawson. However, many of the houses within Queenstown has been there for a long time. Making it an mixed and ageing housing stock.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, with the schools, easy access to the city centre and peaceful surrounding, Queenstown is an ideal place to call home for people who are trying to start a family.