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June 29, 2020

When Should You Be Using Home Staging?

As a property agent, there may be many services out there that increase your chances of selling your listing units. However, when should you use which? So we think that these are a few common situations that you should be using home staging.

Vacant unit 📭

One way of selling your listing unit would be to have your home viewers visualise living in that space. So with a vacant unit, it can be hard for them to imagine themselves living in the space. Home Staging helps by putting in furniture and accessories, helping your viewers better visualise the rough layout of their new home.

Messy unit 📚

Having nothing can be a problem, but having too many is also another. Many times then not, the homeowner does not recognise how messy their home are, as they have accustomed to it. With Home Staging, it helps to declutter the unit and leaving it much cleaner and appealing.

Online marketing 📷

Gone with the days of handing out flyers on the street, everybody is turning to social media and online property portal. The methods of showcasing your listing unit now are mainly video, photos or 360 virtual tours. However, with an empty or unappealing unit, it can be hard. So with Home Staging, we will bring out the full potential of your listing unit which will help to better convert over to video, photo or even 360 virtual tours.


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