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April 18, 2022

WhatsApp Business For Property Agents

WhatsApp has been used as a communication tool over the years, whether to chat with family and friends or close a deal. To fulfil the needs of business owners, WhatsApp has introduced WhatsApp Business for business purposes. Features with catalogue, auto-replies and greeting text, more businesses have been leveraging WhatsApp Business to accommodate clients, especially salespeople like real estate agents. It helps property agents to organise customer contact lists while building rapport.

WhatsApp Business Features 

Quick Replies 

Quick replies are one of the features in WhatsApp Business that can ease real estate agents. Indeed, some prospects might ask similar questions over time, and the agent would give the same response. By setting these Quick Replies features, agents could save time and energy.

Guide: Menu Button > Setting > Business Tools > Quick Replies

Automated Response 

This feature is beneficial for property agents who are always away from their gadgets. Besides, it helps agents reduce the rate of losing potential prospects while meeting with others. The automated response can be set as an away message to let people know when to expect a response and it’s always good to send an away message better than a no reply at all.

Guide: Menu Button > Settings > Business Tools > Away Messages 


Now, you can create a catalogue in WhatsApp Business. Undoubtedly, agents may now promote their property listings through WhatsApp Business. People can easily browse and discover properties that they would be interested in paying a visit. Previously agents had to send property photos one by one and provide the same information over again.

It makes agents look more professional and keeps customers engaged in the chat without visiting your website or social media.

Guide: Menu Button > Business Tools > Catalogue > Tap on (+) icon 

Greeting Messages 

In such a competitive space, leaving a good first impression on your customer can greatly affect whether or not they decide to engage you as their agent especially when you are away and there’s an inbox coming in. Thing to highlight is that greeting messages are one of the automated responses sent to prospects when they message you for the first time. But automated responses are more set towards a frequently asked question (FAQ). Most of the agents have been using this function as a note to prospects that they will attend their inquiry shortly and some introductions of themselves. 

Guide: Menu Button > Settings > Business Tools > Greeting Messages 



Why use WhatsApp Business to sell homes? 

WhatsApp Business is a messaging tool that you can use for free. It’s an excellent tool for agents to connect and build rapport with prospects as a part of the customer service experience. Prospect can reach you anytime. The latest WhatsApp Business features help you manage prospects’ information and conversation. In short, here are the reasons why you should use this communication tool in its Business version:

Create Broadcast Lists 

Once you have built the connection between you and your new prospects. It’s likely you will have the possibility to add him/her to a broadcast list and to send occasional messages to all your subscribers with a single snap. This is useful when you want to share the important messages to a large group of audiences and it’s hassle-free. 

Higher Message Open Rate

Most of the prospects read the messages they received on WhatsApp in a very brief time. And it’s making communication much more effective and faster than emails. Also, if the prospects have any questions they can start questions and reach out to you right away without hesitancy.

Label All Your Contacts 

You are allowed to label your contacts in the address book. It is an effective tool for grouping customers, for example, by differentiating a customer who is looking for a house from one who wants to sell it, or labelling them based on the budget they have available. So, you won’t be mixing up your prospects’ interest and be able to target them based on relevant information. 

Use WhatsApp Chat Histories 

In case you have forgotten your clients’ preferences or enquiries, especially when you manage a large number of contacts or if a prospect comes back after months. You can review all the proposals, comments and objections through chat history. All you have to do is merely insert keywords.


Wrapping Up For WhatsApp Business! 

Last but not least, while WhatsApp Business Marketing really helps you to increase your potential customer, keep your messages short and crisp. Not to forget, prospects expect personalised and convenient customer service from the agent they interact with. To find out more about WhatsApp Business

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