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April 8, 2019

What Not To Show Home Buyers

While it is important to stage the right way, it is equally important to avoid making mistakes which could slow down your sale. Below are some common staging mistakes to watch out for.

Empty Units


If a house is empty, it will be more difficult for buyers to envision living in it. Determining the purpose of each room would not be easy either. Buyers wouldn’t want to walk into an empty unit. It’s important to show buyers how to live in each space. This can be done through proper Home Staging.



Excessive staging and decorating can come across as ‘fake’ to buyers. For example, overstaging a dining table as if it was for a fancy meal. This may result in buyers feeling disconnected from the house, which could drive them further away. Less is the rule of thumb when it comes to Home Staging.

Strong Odours


The role of smell in Home Staging is rather important. A house should have a pleasant smell, yet not too strong. Avoid using strong home scents that could assault the buyer’s senses. Any lingering pet odours should be eliminated before viewings as well.


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