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September 2, 2019

Ways To Stage An Owner-Occupied Unit

Selling your home and thinking of staging it? Home Staging helps create a showroom experience for home buyers so they are able to visualise themselves living in a property and are more likely to be drawn to staged houses as they exude a first good impression. Staging an owner-occupied home could be a little different as you will need to know how to clean up your space and pick already-owned furniture that are suitable to stage the unit with. Here are some ways to go about staging an owner-occupied unit:

1. Pack Up

You’re moving out anyway, so get started earlier by packing up all your personal items that you would not want to show to potential home buyers. The goal is to showcase every space in your house to buyers so they can visualise themselves living there and they would not be able to do that if they were distracted by your personal stuff. 

2. Clean Up


Pick up the broom and get cleaning so the house glows. Showing potential buyers that the house is well maintained and cared for will also want to make them do the same for their future home.

3. Staging Home With Your Own Furniture

You may have some furniture and accessories in great condition and would like to use them for staging. However, home staging experts would be best utilise for this as they are professionally trained to match walls to furniture to accessories so that the entire home sticks to one colour palette and is pleasing to the eyes. They could also remove any connection the house has to the sellers and instead helps create a connection between home buyers and the unit being sold.



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