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June 3, 2019

Ways To Brighten Up a Dark Room

Units designated on the lower floor or being surrounded by other buildings, as a result, lead to a closed up and dark living space. It is important to allow some light and air into your home to ensure a fresh and conducive environment to work, play and live in. Here are some helpful ways to do so.


Furnish and accessorise… Wisely.

Switching heavy and dark furniture around the house with ones that are made of natural lighter wood and have slimmer built profiles could make way for light to bounce around and illuminate the space. Strategic use of decorations and accessories could also brighten up a drab space. Opt for lightweight curtains instead of thick opaque curtains to maximise the amount of sunlight seeping through the windows. 


Let there be light.

Placing lamps around the house – be it standing lamps, desk lamps or even picking the right lightbulbs – it is essential to have them around to brighten up your home. A torchiere floor lamp in a corner of the room is sure to make up for the lack of light as sunlight wane over the day. Use lightbulbs that exudes soft white light as they are more suitable for living and bedrooms.


Declutter, declutter, declutter!

Above all, the most effective way to ensure that your home is always unblocked from light is to organise the untidy space and get rid of unnecessary things you do not need. Use drawers, shelves, hooks, baskets, trays and crates to keep things organised and in place. It not only brightens up the entire area but imbues a sense of calm and serenity to help give you a peace of mind.


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