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February 18, 2017

Using Wall Décors in Home Staging

Wall Décors have aesthetic and practical uses in Home Staging. Understanding how to use art to minimize flaws (such as uneven paint and wall cracks) and to enhance the looks of your home is key to making your home listing magazine-cover worthy! Read on for our top tips on choosing and arranging your art pieces.

Choosing Wall Décors

Size of décors

It is important to achieve a good balance between small and large wall décors. Smaller wall décors are more versatile and can be combined or displayed on its own. Large pieces create a focal point in the room, giving prospective buyers a clearer sense of the room’s proportions and sizing.

Style of décors

Traditional art pieces help to lend an air of sophistication to your home, while modern art pieces add more flair and personality to the décor of the room. Alternatively, you can consider incorporating interesting fixtures such as mirrors, plates, framed photographs, or even your own creations!

Homestaging Art

Arranging Wall Décors

Display Height

Avoid making the common mistake of hanging your wall décor too high. The general rule would be to ensure that the center of your wall décor is at eye level. However, exceptions to this rule are when it comes to hanging wall décor in rooms with high ceilings or on walls behind sofas or tables.

Display locations for wall décors based on size

Larger wall décors look best when placed on a large, plain wall behind a bigger piece of furniture, such as a sofa. Conversely, smaller décors are more suitable to be hung above small to medium sized furniture, and on walls with a surface smaller area.

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Curating multiple pieces

There are several ways to choose how to display multiple wall décors together.

By the style of the artwork

Give the room a uniformed look and feel by displaying artwork with similar styles, shapes, colours or subjects.

By the look of the art frame

If the art styles in your décor are more varied in nature, you could choose to use frames of the same colour, material or texture to give them a more coordinated effect.

By symmetry or asymmetry

If you have a few pieces of décor of the exact shape and size, lining them in a row or square will create an attractive look. While tricky, a similar effect can be achieved with pieces of asymmetrical shapes and sizes, though you might want to experiment with their positions on the floor before hanging them up.

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