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February 2, 2016

Uncover the True Value of Your Property with Home Staging

How can you lease or sell a property faster and (or) with a better asking?

Location? Certainly. But you can’t do much with the location of the properties you have in hand, can you?

Condition of the house? Yes, we agree. Tenants and buyers are increasingly spoilt with choices today. If your property is not even clean and presentable, you lose much of your bargaining power at the first viewing.

In SFR’s opinion, the single most effectively way to increase the value of your property is to capture the heart of your viewers.

It is within your control and it is affordable to do.

The SFR home staging service is meant to do exactly that.

Mr. Shaun Goh, Senior Associate Manager from, certainly sees the value of this when he decided to use home staging to market his newly completed semi-D listing at Gilstead Road.

Strategically located at the heart of city near Novena, the newly completed house is tastefully designed and modern. The property has the right location and excellent condition to attract potential tenants.

However, the unfurnished apartment still lacks the emotional trigger to capture the heart of viewers.

To Shaun, it is extremely important to create a “home” and “welcoming” feeling during viewing to let the potential tenants envision themselves living in the home.

So we proposed to stage 3 important areas of the house, which are the living room, dining room, and bedroom.

With the help of SFR home staging stylist, the property was then successfully transformed into a more emotionally appealing house within 3 hours.

A complete set of comfortable sofas with some lovely cushions in rich fabrics placed in the living room will create an atmosphere of invitation and ambience



A classic dining table and chairs were set up with cutleries will make the dining room more elegant.



The spacious bedroom was filled with a cozy bed, with a comfy blanket and warm bedside lamps, which will create a real feeling of homeliness.


The result?

Within 3 weeks after staging, Shaun managed to secure a tenant for the property at his desired asking.

In Shaun’s opinion, “home staging had contributed significantly in leasing my property because the house looked a lot better. As a result, it gave my potential clients a better perception on how the place could look like in a normal setting. Overall, the home staging service provided by SFR has exceeded my expectation.”

Home staging has been proven to be one of the most effective methods to create a stronger emotional connection between the tenant and the house, which eventually uncovers the true value of the property.

Ready to begin your home staging project? Find out more about our service here: