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July 8, 2016


You might have heard about furniture rental, but you are probably not really sure how it works.

That’s perfectly OK because many of our customers have lots of queries about furniture rental as well, especially when they are renting for the first time.

Today, we have consolidated the top 5 frequently asked questions below about furniture rental (and we think they will be quite helpful to you) :

1) What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum hiring period with SFR is 1 month. You may decide to rent for less than a month, but a minimum of 1 month rental fee will be charged.

If you rent for more than the 1st month, subsequent rental charge will be pro-rated on a day to day basis.

2) Are the furniture brand new?

For long-term furniture rental (> 1 Year), all the furniture and appliances will be brand new. However, if you have a smaller budget, you could opt for ex-rental (not new but good condition) items at a cheaper rental.

For short-term rental (< 1 Year), although the furniture are not new, they are in good condition. There may be some furniture which is brand new due to hygiene purposes.

3) Can the rented furniture be purchased after the lease period?

Yes! The rented furniture can be purchased after the lease period at a discounted price.

4) What if the furniture are damaged during the lease?

Our furniture items are insured against possible damages during the lease term so you can enjoy peace of mind during the lease.

If any of the furniture or appliances breaks down during the lease period due to normal wear and tear or manufacturer fault, contact us at +65 6759 1021 and we will arrange for our production team to fix it for you. In the event where the damage cannot be fixed, SFR will provide a replacement piece which may not be a brand new item.

5) What are the delivery charges?

For long term rental, the delivery and collection charges are waived.

For short term rental, the transportation charge (include delivery and collection) will apply. We will advise you the exact cost when we provide the quotation.

Is this helpful? Or do you have further queries?

Drop us an email at or contact us at +65 6759 1021 to find out more!