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December 29, 2017

Top 3 Property Turnoffs to Never Show Buyers

Buyers will always want to see the house they are buying to be in the best condition possible. What are some of the things that you should never show your potential buyers during your viewing?


1. Mould and damp walls or ceilings

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According to a Tepilo Buyer Barometer survey, 50% of buyers were turned off by a viewing after seeing mould in the bathroom or on windows. Mould or damp stains on walls arise from excess moisture that is trapped in the walls. Some causes of mould include leaking pipes or a damaged roof resulting in rainwater seeping into your walls. To eliminate moulds from your house, you have to first identify the source of the damp stains. If it’s a leaking roof or pipe, be sure to have a professional replace it before you scrub the mould off with a stiff brush.

2. Dirty rooms or poorly-maintained rooms

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Dusty table-tops, overflowing cupboards and messy bookshelves. These are just some of the things you will want to avoid showing your potential buyers. Make the effort to tidy the bookshelves you’ve not touched for the past year or go into spring cleaning mode and make your house look sparkling new.

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3. Lack of Natural lighting


Dark rooms or areas of your house can give off a negative and depressing vibe to your house. It could simply be a lack of windows that can invite natural lighting into your house. Try installing simple indoor lighting to make up for the lack of lighting or even spending some time to clean your windows can bring more light into your house.

Remember to always present your property with a bright and welcoming personality. The first impression you give buyers may very well decide whether they will consider buying the property or not.

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