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November 30, 2021

Thinking of Buying Used Furniture? Here are the Things You Should Know First

Many folks would rather acquire used furniture for a variety of reasons. Used furniture is much less expensive than new furniture. It’s a terrific alternative if you’re redecorating your home and want to add some distinctive furniture items to liven things up. Another reason is if you intend to furnish your rental while you await your BTO home. When renting a condo, it makes more sense to buy old furniture and save money for new furniture when your home is ready. If you’re also on a budget, there’s a lot of good used furniture available.

You can definitely transform your space and make it look fresh and brand new even if you are using used furniture. Here’s how.

Why Buying Used Furniture is a Smart Move

Buying secondhand furniture is an economical way of furnishing your home.

There are advantages that come off with buying used furniture. Aside from the fact that it is cost-effective, it is also environment-friendly, and sustainable. Furniture is the least recycled item in the home, with a recovery rate of less than 0.05 percent. It’s anticipated that we’ll likely spend billions in the coming years on new furnishings for our homes. This means that we are actually contributing more to the landfill in record numbers as we are more lured by TV shows to redecorate our houses and replace old furnishings. (Not a very sustainable move) Buying used furniture on thrift stores and local stores nearby is also a great opportunity to support small local businesses within your District.  

What to Look For

Before you buy used furniture, check the items thoroughly.

When purchasing used furniture, most individuals are concerned that the item may already be in poor condition. Here’s a few tips to remember to finding and selecting good quality furniture. 

1. Look for signs of damage.
2. Check the furniture’s upholstery craftsmanship.
3. Know the furniture’s label/brand.
4. Check for wobbly legs.
5. Check if there are missing parts.

What You Should Double-Check 

1. Look for signs of bed bugs.
2. Check for any lumps on the seats.
3. Know the furniture’s history.
4. Check the furniture’s smell.
5. Look for marks and stains. 

Where to Look For

There are many stores and shops in Singapore where you can find well used furniture items.

Thrift stores.

You can find  a lot of unique furniture items in thrift stores in Singapore like Hock Siong and Co in Toa Payoh, Second Charm in Kallang, and vintage items in Tong Mern Sern located in Tanjong Pagar. Thrift stores usually sell vintage items – so if you are searching for unique furniture pieces or decor items, there’s definitely something for you in these stores. 

Furniture rental company.

Furniture rentals are those that rent out furniture to companies and corporations. Usually, they hold out clearance sales to get rid of their inventory. This is where you can find great furniture since most of their furniture are only slightly used. Speaking of clearance sales, we are also having our year-end clearance sale. Check out our furniture sets here and reserve yours before it gets sold out! 

Online marketplaces.

Online marketplaces such as Carousell, Facebook marketplace, and Gumtree are also great platforms to find gently used furniture. Look for items from a reliable seller and inquire more about the furniture. Some items may look good in photos so it is necessary for you to meet the seller and check the items yourself.  

How to tell the difference between a gently used furniture and a heavily used one?

Carefully check the item and look for signs of damage.

You must not only look at the furniture but also feel it in order to determine its condition. Take a seat on the sofa to see if it’s comfortable. Try to feel the texture and smoothness of wooden surfaces by knocking and running your hands on them. Check for loose screws and observe whether the chair wobbles or creaks when you sit on it. There may be some furniture with these flaws, but only to a minimal extent. Make sure the furniture you buy just needs minor repairs or varnishing so you can save a lot of money on getting it to look as good as new.

Buying Used Furniture is an Economical Way to Shop. 

A used furniture is a good option if you are trying to save money on furnishings or you’re looking for a budget-friendly way of redecorating.

Secondhand furniture might help you save a lot of money. It makes more sense to buy slightly used items whether you are furnishing your flat or merely freshening up a room for rent. Remember to shop thoughtfully, examine each item carefully, and research for options to get the best furniture deals. 

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