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June 15, 2022

The 5 Most Important Rooms To Stage

Staging is important when selling properties. It offers many benefits for both parties – the home seller, real estate agent, and the home buyer. But home staging also comes with a cost. And for real estate agents who are just planning to stage for the very first time and are a little bit skeptical, we have a tip for you. You don’t necessarily need to stage the entire property. Only select significant areas of the house that are critical when a potential home buyer comes in to view the property. Here are the 5 most important rooms you should stage so you can save money, yet make the most impact. 

1. Living room

Living Room

The living room is the most significant room in the house. It is the very first room that would greet the guests the moment they enter the home. The shape, size, and appearance of a living room may greatly affect the buying decision of a home buyer considering that it is the area where the family spends time together for relaxation and entertainment and it is also where they would invite guests in. 

The living room must be staged appropriately to showcase the ideal lifestyle that the family can experience once they move into the property. A beautifully staged living room can help them visualize the space as their future home and it will also help them assess the seating capacity that the living room can accommodate. 

2. Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the second most important rooms to stage next to the living room. Homebuyers would normally be interested to view the bedroom next and leaving it empty would be a bad idea. 

Keep your home buyers interested throughout the viewing by staging not just the master bedroom but several bedrooms available in the house too. This will help them assess the sizes of each bedroom and how furniture will fit including their belongings. Placing a comfortable bed and sprucing it up with a few decorations will make the bedroom look warm and welcoming and buyers will be able to remember its homey vibe and be easily attached to it. 

3. Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most important selling aspects of any home. How a kitchen appears can influence whether buyers make an offer or not. Even if you have a newly renovated kitchen, you can still do more to make it attractive to potential homebuyers. 

Focus on what they will feel the moment they walk into the kitchen. Keep in mind that buyers are not viewing one property only. They might have several house tours scheduled on that day so make the most of your property’s chance to stand out by staging important areas, especially the kitchen space. 

Declutter cabinetries and pantries and repaint them if necessary. Consider updating the hardware as well. Place decorations on countertops such as a vase filled with flowers, and a bowl of fruits to add that homey vibe. Also, hang pendant lighting fixtures to create a warm and inviting atmosphere on your bar island. 

4. Dining


Buyers would want to see if a home’s dining space can accommodate the entire family and their guests when they host dinner parties and family gatherings. Staging the room will help you showcase the potential of the space and highlight its best features. When staging, keep the dining room bright and airy. If you have a small space for the dining area, select a circular dining table. It will help create the illusion of more space while at the same time making it look like there is enough seating for everyone. Add mirrors or reflective decorations to brighten up the room. 

5. Outdoor Space

Outdoor Space

A lot of real estate agents overlook the outdoor space when it comes to preparing the house to sell. Don’t make this mistake. According to the research by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) The outdoor space is the 5th most important areas to stage. Staging outdoor areas capture the attention of purchasers by creating intrigue. 

Remember that the goal of staging the house is to showcase the ideal lifestyle that home buyers desire. Whether you are selling a condo unit with a small balcony or a landed property with a garden, staging it can help spark the imagination of your home buyers. They can visualize themselves having an outdoor dinner party with their guests or simply relaxing on their balcony while sipping wine on a cool Sunday evening.

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