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September 23, 2019

Super Easy Tips To Showcase The Perfect Viewing

With thousands of listings in the market competing to secure a home buyer, you can find it difficult for your listings to leave a memorable impression for home buyers.  Read on for 5 super easy tips on how to showcase the perfect viewing!


1. Before the physical viewing, potential buyers have already viewed your listing – online


Before we even get into how to prepare for your viewings, let’s go into how you got the viewing in the first place. It can be easy to forget that while listing your units on online property portals like PropertyGuru &, you are already showing the house virtually to your potential home buyers. That is your first viewing and one you should keep in mind of. So to better prepare for this, use wide-angled lensed cameras to shoot your listing photos. Only upload high-quality images and ensure your house is in a similar condition when buyers see it online and when they actually come down for the actual viewing.

2. Fix minor interior flaws 


As a home buyer who is investing in a property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, you would expect the home to be in the most ideal and perfect condition possible. Take the time to sort out and identify what are some of the flaws of the listing interior. Even fixing small flaws like replacing a fused bulb or using some putty on a peeling wall can go a long way in providing an all-rounded pleasant viewing experience.

3. Keep your listing clean & tidy                                                                                                           


Ensure that your listings go through a thorough cleaning process to ensure your viewers do not cringe at unsightly items.the floating dust particles or the grimes on the kitchen countertop.

4. Sort out belongings & keep in storage if possible, and not within your home.


Listings occupied with owners can have a lot of personal items & belongings. It would be ideal to advise your owners to go through their personal belongings and sort them into “items to dispose” and “items to keep”. This can both help in de-cluttering the home & helping your owners move with a lighter load to their new home. Although you could choose to store the items in a spare bedroom, it is better if you can store the items in storage warehouses so that you can fully showcase the interior of the listing.

5. Enhance the atmosphere with scents


To add the final touch to the perfect listing, infuse an element of pleasant scents into your viewing. This can come in many forms – from lighting candles to brewing a fresh jug of coffee. Just keep in mind to keep to generally well-liked scents and avoid overly strong scents.


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