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September 21, 2020

Staging Tips – Dining Area

One of the most significant areas within a home will have to be the dining area, where family and friends gather to have a meal. Home viewers tend to pay more attention to it, that’s why staging of the dining area is crucial to the sales of a unit.

So here are some tips on how you can stage up your very own dining area.


Placement of dining table

The dining table is usually placed right beside the living area, under the chandelier. If there is no chandelier, arrange it in the middle of the room. Make sure that the traffic area around the table and chair are wide enough for people to walk through.


Setting up the table

When staging the dining table, set it up with dinnerware, glassware and cloth napkins. As if it is an elegant restaurant dinner, instead of a typical family meal. Having a centrepiece of flower, candle or a bowl of fruits is also great for adding a speck of colour.


Only if there is enough space

Buffet table and sideboard are nice furniture in the dining area. However, use it ONLY if you have enough room. Too many furniture in a small room will make the spaced looks small and cluttered. Remember that we are trying to make a room look bigger!


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