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Singapore Furniture Rental (SFR) believes in contributing back to society, humanity and our planet. SFR sets out 3 missions to make a difference and create an impact in our best way.

1.      Sustainable Planet

Majority of the furniture that are leased out are collected back and rented out again as ex-rental furniture at a discounted rental rate. This maximizes the useful life of each piece of furniture and reduces wastage. At SFR, we leverage on technology to run our operations and minimize usage of paper. We support environmental causes that help make Earth a better place to live.

2.      Inspire Youths

The journey of entrepreneurship has been enriching and fulfilling. Many people have mentored us on this journey. We believe in contributing back by sharing our valuable learning, knowledge and experiences to more young people. We want to inspire them to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship.

3.      Bring Warmth to Elderly

With increasing life expectancy, the citizen population continues to age. SFR wants to play our part for the society by providing furniture and assistance to elderly, where they can enjoy the comfort and warmth in their homes.