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February 24, 2016

Simple Tips to Home Stage a Property

Selling a home is about presentation.

The better you are able to highlight the best parts of your home and show the buyer the potential in property investment, the faster you will be able to sell it.

So decorating it deliberately to entice a buyer, or home staging, is a very good way of improving the visibility and demand your house enjoys as soon as it is in the market.

The following few tips will point out the best ways to make your real estate stand out from the crowd.


No. 1 – The First Impression:

Regardless of how good your home is as a whole, if the entrance is not as appealing or as welcoming as it should be, it may not get many buyers.

Make sure that the first impression of a prospective buyer draws him or her in to explore more of the house.

Adding some plants and ensuring that the front door is in good condition helps a lot.

You may even approach furniture rental companies to make the entry look fresh and welcoming.



No. 2 – Lighting and Decoration:

A healthy source of natural light is a great way to make the rooms feel spacious and lively.

Unfortunately, even if your home is very well designed, there may be a hallway or a small space where dimness prevails.

The best home staging tip in this case, is to invest in some mirrors to multiply the amount of natural light in the room.

A collage of small mirrors is generally much more cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. Also, use artwork of geometric shapes, landscape scenes or floral designs to give a focal point to a room.



No. 3 – Prepare Like a Host:

Instead of arranging the house to show that it can accommodate a small family, show that it can also be a great place for entertaining friends.

Arranging the dining room and the bar area like you are expecting it to be used by a group of people can help.

It makes the potential buyer imagine what it would be like to be a host in the home. Simply laying out solid plates, wineglasses and cloth napkins is more than enough!



While home staging, try to depersonalize your home.

Potential buyers try to envision themselves living in the house and seeing personal decorations, including photographs of family and friends, interferes with the illusion.

With some effort, you will be able to ready your home for the market, and get it sold in no time!