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May 4, 2018

Simple Tips for Your Home Makeover

Considering a total home makeover? Or simply a minor revamp of your rooms? Stick to these foolproof tips to kickstart your DIY makeover now!

1. Bringing the outdoors into the unit

PHOTO: SFR Home Staging
PHOTO: SFR Home Staging – Admiralty HDB

Adding a touch of nature into your indoor decorations can help breathe some life into your home. Greenery can provide a form of ‘lightness’ to the room and make a room look less gloomy or dark.

2. Go with comfort

PHOTO: SFR Home Staging - Parvis Condo, Holland Hill
PHOTO: SFR Home Staging – Parvis Condo, Holland Hill

With all the designing and planning, don’t forget – the purpose of a home is ultimately to provide a cozy haven for you and your family to retreat to. Choose furniture that can bring comfort into your lifestyle or that you will have no problem using. Avoid selecting a particular piece of furniture that may look aesthetically pleasing but does not aid you at all.

3. Little effort can go the distance

PHOTO: SFR Home Staging - Hamilton Scotts
PHOTO: SFR Home Staging – Hamilton Scotts

A simple coffee table can be rather bland overtime.  Try switching up the accessories on your coffee table every once in a while. Adding some books or candles to the table doesn’t take too much effort, yet freshen up your home instantly.

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