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[accordion title=”General”]
[accordion-item title=”Why rent furniture than purchase furniture?”]
Furniture rental requires minimal initial capital outlay. For long term rental (1 or 2 years lease), we only collect 2 months rental deposit and 1st month rental charge before delivery. Subsequent rental charge will be collected on a monthly basis. For short term rental, we only collect 1st month rental charge before delivery.

Furniture rental offers the flexibility to use the furniture for short term ( 6 months to 36 months). When the lease expires or upon termination, we collect the furniture back.

Furniture rental also allows you to fully furnish your housing unit at a short notice. The expenses are tax deductible, lowering your overall taxable income.

If your selected furniture is not ready, we will provide temporary loan furniture, allowing you to move in as soon as possible.
[accordion-item title=”Do you have a showroom to visit?”]
We do not have a physical showroom and furniture is selected over our website. By saving on the costs of a showroom, we can extend the savings to our customers.
[accordion-item title=”Why online furniture rental?”]
Online furniture rental allows us to showcase unlimited varieties of furniture on our website. Customers can take their time to select their furniture at the comfort of their home or office, anywhere, anytime.
[accordion-item title=”What are the delivery and collection charges?”]
For long term rental, the delivery and collection charges are waived.

For short term rental, the transportation charge (include delivery and collection) will apply. Actual amount is depending on the amount of furniture ordered.

[accordion title=”Long Term Rental”]
[accordion-item title=”What is the lease period available?”]

The lease period for furniture rental will usually be the same as the lease period of the housing unit you are renting. In Singapore, the standard lease periods are 1 year lease or 2 years lease.

For expatriates, the lease period includes a diplomatic clause. In Singapore, the standard lease periods are 1 year lease with 6+2 months diplomatic clause and 2 years lease with 12+2 months diplomatic clause.

We also offer short term furniture rental services for lease period between 1 month to 6 months. Short term rentals can be done at a month-by-month rolling basis, hence the lease period is much more flexible.
[accordion-item title=”What is diplomatic clause?”]

In the event that the hirer needs to terminate the lease agreement before expiry, the hirer can terminate as long as they fulfill the diplomatic clause period with 2 months’ notice.

Example: The lease agreement is a 2 years lease with diplomatic clause of 12+2 months. Should the hirer choose to terminate the lease agreement on the 12th month, the hirer will need to give a 2 month notice to fulfill the minimum of 14 months lease.

[accordion-item title=”What is the difference between a personal lease, company lease and landlord lease?”]

Personal Lease

Personal lease is a lease agreement between SFR and the user (tenant) of the rented furniture.

The hirer is required to fill up a personal lease application form and provide SFR with relevant documents (copy of passport, employment pass, letter of appointment from employer with annual income stated and tenancy agreement). SFR management will assess and approve the lease accordingly.

Company Lease

Company lease is a lease agreement between SFR and the employer of the user (tenant) of the rented furniture. The Company is renting the furniture for the employee to use during the lease period.

To rent the furniture under the company lease, please provide the HR contact person and contact details for confirmation and billing purposes.

SFR will prepare the lease agreement to be signed by the Company.

Landlord Lease

Landlord lease is a lease agreement between SFR and the owner of the housing unit. The landlord may be renting the furniture for the tenant to use during the lease period.

To rent the furniture under landlord lease, please provide the landlord contact details (including overseas if landlord is not in Singapore) for confirmation and billing purposes.

[accordion-item title=”How do I start?”]

Contact our customer support @ +65 6759 1021 to find out more or make an appointment with us.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”What happens if the furniture or appliances break down during the lease period?”]

If any of the furniture or appliances breaks down during the lease period due to normal wear and tear or manufacturer fault, contact us at +65 6759 1021 and we will arrange for our production team to fix it for you. In the event where the damage cannot be fixed, SFR will provide a replacement piece which may not be a brand new item.

If the break down is due to user fault, the hirer is required to inform SFR immediately. The user or hirer will have to borne the cost of the damaged item. SFR will provide a replacement piece which may not be a brand new item.

[accordion-item title=”Who is responsible for the maintenance of the furniture?”]

Basic maintenance and cleanliness of the furniture should be done by the user. SFR will be responsible for maintenance of the furniture for manufacture defects.

[accordion-item title=”How is the monthly rental billed?”]

Monthly rental invoice will be billed 1 month in advance. A physical copy of the invoice will be mailed out to the hirer’s billing address.

[accordion-item title=”What are the payment modes available?”]
We accept the following payment modes:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card via Paypal

We encourage hirer to establish a bank standing order to make timely monthly payment to prevent late payment.

[accordion-item title=”How to arrange for collection at the end of the lease?”]
If it is an early termination (before the full lease period is fulfilled), please give us a 2 months notice as stated in the lease agreement via email to

If the full rental period is fulfilled or will be fulfilled, please give us at least 5 days notice to arrange for collection.

Please provide us with your preferred collection date and time. Our production team will do our best to make the arrangement.

[accordion-item title=”When will the rental deposit be refunded?”]

If there are no outstanding matters, the rental deposit will be refunded back to the hirer after the collection of all items.

In the event that there are any outstanding payments or damage/loss of items, the costs will be deducted from the rental deposit.

[accordion title=”Long Term Rental Packages”]
[accordion-item title=”What is long term rental package?”]

Long term rental package is customized package for customers who want convenience, functionality and savings.

Based on the unit size, the rental packages are structured to provide the essential needs for our customers.

Furniture in the rental package might differ, subjected to stock availability.

Furniture in the rental package is brand new furniture, unless otherwise specified.

[accordion-item title=”Can I customize the rental package by adding or removing some furniture items?”]

Yes. Please contact our customer support to request for customized rental package. Prices may differ depending on customization.

[accordion-item title=”What is the difference between selecting furniture from the online catalogue and selecting the rental package?”]

Selecting from online catalogue gives the customer the flexibility to mix and match the furniture to their liking but may not have ready stock available for the furniture selected.

Waiting time for the rental package is shorter as customers do not select the furniture in the rental package and SFR will provide the furniture based on stock availability.

Rental package is discounted or extended further discount promotion.

[accordion title=”Short Term Rental”]
[accordion-item title=”What is the minimum rental period?”]

SFR charges a minimum period of 1 month. You may rent for less than a month but a 1st full month will be charged.

Should you rent for more than the 1st month, subsequent rental charge will be pro-rated on a day to day basis.

[accordion-item title=”Is the furniture brand new?”]

The furniture and appliances are ex-rental (not new) but in good condition. There may be some furniture which is brand new due to hygiene purposes.[/accordion-item]