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October 25, 2018

Quick-Start Guide to Home Staging

Presenting the perfect home to your potential home buyers is essential for a quicker sale. Staging your house is not necessarily complicated nor is it too expensive. Read on for an easy, quick guide on how you can start beautifying your property!

Fresh coat of paint

For an instant newer look, you can start small by applying a fresh coat of paint. It also would make your house appear cleaner. A white paint is recommended as it will brighten up your house right away. To improve the overall atmosphere, you can also add a nice fresh scent by using a reed diffuser.

Add in bright colours

When it comes to the interior, using neutral colours such as cream or beige is recommended. However, a little bright colours can add more interest and personality. However, be careful not to overdo it! Too much bold colours can be overwhelming.

Change the bedding

The basic step to an effortless improvement for your bed is changing the bed sheets. Don’t forget to iron it! Additionally, layering the pillows can make your bed appear more grand, and laying out a blanket on top of the duvet will create a nice contrast.

Fresh towels in bathroom

More often than not, adding fresh towels in the bathroom is a part of staging. A bathroom will look more inviting and elegant with functional decor item such as rolled towels. Mini plant pots can also add a pleasant colour to your bathroom.

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