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May 31, 2018

Quick Guide to Choosing the Perfect Rental Home

Whether you are looking for a short-term rental home or renting for an extended period, read on below to get started on your rental house hunt!

1. Know your priorities


Do you have children who will be schooling? Consider a unit that is nearer to schools or educational institutions. Or do you prefer somewhere quiet? You may want to choose a small unit that is away from the bustling neighbourhood district. Remember to keep your priorities in mind when choosing your rental home.

2. Know your budget

PHOTO: SFR Home Staging - Greenwood Avenue Landed Property
PHOTO: SFR Home Staging – Greenwood Avenue Landed Property

While you have your priorities in mind, do take note of your budget constraints if you have any. Condo units may cost higher than HDB unit but could offer a quiet compact unit while also offering convenient amenities such as swimming pools and gyms. Some HDB units may have their landlords staying in, but may offer a cheaper alternative as well as being in close proximity to neighbourhood amenities such as supermarkets and malls.

3. Know the good and bad

PHOTO: SFR Home Staging - 520 Woodlands Drive HDB Unit
PHOTO: SFR Home Staging – 520 Woodlands Drive HDB Unit

So you’ve seen a few apartments and they all look pretty great albeit with a few flaws here and there. But the big question is – which one should you actually go with? Start by listing out the pros and cons of each apartment. Every apartment is bound to have a few flaws to go with it; but are you willing to overlook them throughout your stay?

4. Want to save yourself the trouble?


Confused by all the property jargon terms and regulations out there? For a hassle-free approach, consider engaging a property agent to help you find the perfect home. Some property agents even help you to settle short-term or long-term furniture rental for a comfortable stay in your rental home.

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