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January 19, 2015

Property Market Slowing. Furniture Rental Here to Help.

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Singapore’s housing rental prices decline further in December, according to Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX).

A weakening rental markets means that your property needs to stand out in the market from other properties. That makes it even harder if your property is unfurnished. Over the past few months, Singapore Furniture Rental (SFR) has also received increasing number of enquiries about our furniture rental and home staging services from property investors and agents. With rental packages starting from $188 per month for 2 bedroom units, our furniture rental service aims to help you cut down initial capital required to furnish your property. Cash is king in this slow market. Meanwhile, our home staging service helps to transform your unfurnished property into a showroom for easier leasing and selling. Enough testimonials have testified that a well staged property stands out from other properties in the market and transact faster. Founded with a mission to add massive values to our customers, SFR is here to listen and to help. If you are facing any challenges in this slower moving property market, check out our services online at or give us a call at our hotline at +6567591021 to enquire more.